Stock Up on Labels for Back-to-School Preparation

This week Mabel's Labels launched their Ultimate Back-to-School Combo so I thought I would share how the company has transformed our school experience.

First of all, I have to mention those lovely backpacks sold online and in catalogs that promote getting your child's name embroidered across the back. They are adorably cute, but I don't recommend letting every stranger out there know your child's name. Instead use a Bag Tag to help identify your child's back pack in case it gets lost!

Labeling school supplies can be a real pain especially if you have to label each individual crayon and marker like we have to do. No worries, this year we are using the Tag Mates (Skinny-Minis also work) to cut down on time getting supplies ready.

Last but not least, I will never have to worry about losing the extra clothes we keep at school in case of accidents. Having Tag Mates on them has been very helpful in keeping up with the clothing!

What about you, how have your Mabel's Labels helped out at school?

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