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I must tell you I have a slight addiction to labeling. I love a fresh crisp label to top off an organizing project. I even have my light switches labeled because I get confused which switch is for what light and something outside will end up being left on because of my switch flipping.

My husband laughs and thinks I am quite the joke sometimes. However, I kind of like the fact that I always know where everything belongs. I know if my kids lose something it can easily be returned, and I know if someone visits my house they will know where things are. To me labeling is kind of comforting, not crazy at all!

I got a big laugh recently when my husband came to me and asked if I could order the plain Sticky Labels with our last name on them. Turns out he wants to label his coffee mug and cup at work and maybe a few other things as well. See, Mabel’s Labels can be for adults too, but I did make sure he didn’t want a choo-choo train on them first!

Is there anything unusual you use your labels for around the house? Do you get other people hooked on labels as well?

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