The Easiest Ways to Nourish Yourself


I’m not sure when I mastered the art of juggling. I don't mean the kind where you juggle 3 balls. This kind of juggling I'm doing is a lot harder. It's the kind where you toss endless responsibilities into the air, (work, bills, kids, to name a few) and try to carefully catch each one as they descend. Not letting a single item hit the ground.  So many people I see in my practice are trying to keep it all together perfectly, losing themselves and their sense of how to be healthy in the process.

So, I thought I would share some simple and effective ways that you can nourish yourself and promote a sense of calm while trying to manage the chaos that life brings.

Healthy Food:  Stick to a real food diet that minimizes packaged or processed food. It’s easy to grab a granola bar or bag of chips when you’re hungry and on the go, but we also know those foods won’t make us feel better. They are full of sugar, salt and lack nutrients. Aim for foods that are simple and easy to eat. Grab an apple, a handful of nuts, or the bag of baby carrots and container of hummus. Make it your goal to eat a cup of dark green vegetable per day. Start by stocking your fridge and pantry with healthy food. When our bodies are fueled with good nutrients it helps us power through the tasks at hand.

Herbal teas: I love tea blends. You can go to a health food store and pick up a variety of loose herbs, sift them together in a large bowl and store them in a glass mason jar. Each night, fill a tea ball of your blend and make a relaxing cup of herbal tea. You can also buy already prepared blends if that is easier. Some of my favorites are chamomile, oatstraw, lavender and nettle. These teas are nutritive, rich in vitamins and minerals, which are in high demands when your body is stressed, and they help calm the nervous system.

Exercise: Find something you like and just do it. It might be something as simple as walking, going to a yoga class, or hitting the gym. It can be anything you like. The key is to find something you enjoy and to move your body.  Exercise calms the mind, releases endorphins (happy hormones), and keeps your blood and energy moving at a time when things feel hectic.

Adrenal support:  Our adrenal glands support our bodies in times of stress – and when there is a lot to juggle our adrenals need some help. A simple B-Complex taken daily can help maintain energy levels and keep us balanced in stressful time.  Ashwaganda is an ayurvedic herb that relaxes the nervous system and supports the adrenals. Avena sativa, commonly known as oatstraw, is another favorite; it increases energy levels and reduces anxiety. There are so many natural remedies to manage stress, so ask an expert for what is best for you.

Learning to let things go.  We try to be the perfect parent, spouse, employee, boss, friend etc....  I think we can be all those things and not push ourselves beyond our limit. We can learn to nourish and love ourselves. Perhaps we can practice the art of not being the perfect juggler, and realize that it’s ok.
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Rachel Schwartzman, ND, L.Ac, Birth Doula

Rachel is a licensed naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist and birth doula. She is also a mother to three little one. She has a general naturopathic family medicine practice with a special interest in women's health, fertility, pregnancy and pediatrics.

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