Last Christmas, I Gave You My Heart

Pumpkin picking with his Nana.
Pumpkin picking with his Nana.

Wham’s lead singer, George Michael, passed away on Christmas Day. Within an instant, he was gone, leaving us with his musical talent and lyrics to remember him. Life can surprise you at any time, whether it be with the good, or the bad. So, that’s why last Christmas, I gave my son’s Grandparents a special gift.

The gift was a set of envelopes with special occasions and life milestones written on them; graduation day, before he proposes, when he’s angry at his parents, etc. Included with the envelopes was a poem I had written with instructions that they were to fill each envelope with a letter so that if life took them from us before my son reached those special days, he would have something to open and read from his Grandparents. I wanted to make sure that they could be a part of his life even if they weren’t physically here.

On Christmas Eve, my parents gifted our son with their set of envelopes. My mom had taken a wooden wine box, stained it and finished it with his name. She’s crafty like that. Inside the box were the envelopes (sealed of course, they’re for his eyes only!), as well as some personal items/mementos.

One of the envelopes said “Things that we love…” and my hubby and I were given permission to read the note inside as it detailed the items within the box. My parents love Cuba, so there was a small vial with sand. They also love the fall, so there were some faux leaves and a mini ceramic pumpkin. They also love Disney World, and included the vintage Mickey Mouse ears that my Dad gave to my Mom almost 45 years ago. Cue the waterworks.

The fact that they decided to part with such an important and memorable piece of their history so that our son could have a piece of them made me speechless. It was hard not to feel the love and care they put forth with this gift. This special gift did just as I had hoped it would; it has provided my son with the chance to know his Nana and Papa.

The letters, photos and keepsakes will serve as a reminder of just how much they love him, and will assist with bringing them along for his journey in life.

Diane Morris

Author: Diane Morris

Diane Morris is a former PANK (Professional Aunt, No Kids), turned 1st time Mom. Between changing diapers, picking up cheerios from the floor, and smothering her son in kisses, she works for Mabel’s Labels as the Sales Coordinator. When her kiddo is in bed, you can find her binge-watching shows like Breaking Bad and Dexter, getting crafty with chalk lettering, or simply putting her feet up with a glass of wine.

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