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Have you seen our new Fundraising Program and platform?

If you’re looking for creative fundraising ideas and want to know how to raise money for your organization, school or event or simply want to give a donation to a favourite charity then you’ve come to the right place! In June we made the switch to host our fundraising program with a new platform which allows organizations to create custom campaign pages, use social media to share socially with family, friends, co-workers and supporters and also includes real-time result tracking!

We’ve seen some great results from some of the campaigns, like this one for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This charity had a donation goal of $150, and by the time they finished their campaign they had earned $307!

Melissa, the campaign Captain was diligent in promoting the campaign to her social network through social media and it paid off. All she had to do was share the campaign page using the tools provided within the platform. She also included the campaign link into an email to share her efforts with others.

Her dedication to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society tied with her personal connection to the cause allowed her to have a successful campaign and we’re thrilled to have been able to assist her with surpassing her goal!

If you want to make know how to make money fast; you need to put in some time. The effort will pay off in the end! The time isn’t necessarily lengthy, and the work isn’t overly hard – but effort equals results.

Our new fundraising program is a change for some, and may seem daunting at first, but we’re here to help and we want you to be successful! To learn more about the program and how to start with your own fundraising website, go to and scroll down to see some of the campaigns that are making money with Mabel. You can be on that list too! Join today!


Bummer….it’s the end of summer

Well, sigh, summer has flown by and is quickly coming to an end. And before we know it the kiddos will have started to head back to school.  August has come and gone and things were really busy around the Mabelhood HQ! Here’s a brief look at what we’ve been up to.

We got puzzled!

We had a lunch and learn hosted by Julie Ellis’ thirteen year old son Owen.  He taught us all about Rubik’s cubes.  He picked up this hobby just over a year ago and has been to three competitions.  His fastest time was just over 16 seconds!  Most of us were pretty stumped but it was a fun lesson regardless.

Owen, help us!!

The only blizzard we actually welcome

We supported the Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day by splurging with blizzards!  It’s tough to feel guilty about picking up a treat when the proceeds are going to local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to help children in need.

We had a great day exhibiting at the Burlington Children’s Festival.  It was a beautiful day outside and it was great seeing new friends & old.

Don’t forget

The end of summer doesn’t have to be sad! Please join us for Label Day Weekend August 28 to September 1st on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.  We will be using the hashtag #LabelDayWeekend if you’d like to join in and follow us.  From giveaways to contests to parties, celebrate the last weekend of the summer and get prepared for back to school!

Happy Back to School!

Our Fundraising Program Gets a Makeover!

Our Fundraising Program has gotten a makeover!

Don’t you love watching make-over episodes on TV? Whether it be for people, houses, landscapes or even pets – the most fun is seeing the big reveal; the after to the shabby before.

Our Fundraising Program was never really all that shabby, but now it’s a knock-out! We have updated it so that organizations can run campaign driven programs (30-60 days long) which will cause urgency to purchase and support the fundraiser. Also, organizations like a school or daycare can sign up and then have one, five, or even 50 parents or employees create campaigns to help support and raise funds! Social sharing has never been easier, and dedicated online support is available to assist you when creating your program.

If you are a school, daycare, dance troop, sports team or any organization wishing to fundraise with Mabel’s Labels, we’d love to have you join us! Offering 20% commission on our durable labels, you can’t go wrong with promoting a product that parents and kids love to assist in supporting your cause!

For more information about our NEW & improved Fundraising program click here.

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