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Happy Birthday to us!

Five years ago today, we had our first production day. We spent more than a year researching how to make labels, but when we finally had orders to fill – that was the real thrill! It seems hilarious looking back. Everything was an experiment. Our idea of “busy” was hilarious. We’ve definitely learned a lot. These are some of the things I’ve learned:

  • If you don’t love it – don’t do it. If you don’t LOVE a design, a product, a sales pitch, a colour, a sentence, a photo.. anything – don’t do it! There have been times when we thought “I don’t really like this, but some people might like this”. Turns out – we are our best test market and we can’t stand behind anything we don’t love.
  • Authenticity can’t be faked. We know this is true because as consumers we can spot it in other companies. Being honest, being true and being authentic has served us well.
  • Sleep is a waste of time, but so precious. Should have learned this as a student. Should have learned this as a Mom. But babies + growing business brought us a whole new perspective on sleep!
  • Women ROCK. We are still amazed, warmed and propelled by the power of women to support each other. Bloggers, journalists, our staff, teachers, friends, moms, mompreneurs, retailers, strangers… we owe everything to the power of Women and their kind word-of-mouth.
  • Quality will get you everywhere. That’s just so obvious – but so many companies miss the mark!
  • There is a lot of Karma in business. Can’t explain it. There just is. It works for us every day. This is a lesson learned for me, because I really didn’t understand Karma before starting this business and meeting with so many incredible opportunities.

There are many more things I’ve learned, but these are the things I need to keep learning and keep practicing (along with ‘how does Google work?’ and ‘how do I get on Oprah‘?).

Easter Santa?

Do kids get presents at Easter? My three year old needs a new bike this year..Her little red trike won’t fit her this year. But she’s getting to an age where she notices ‘buying’. It seems weird to just buy it.. but also weird for her to think the Easter Bunny brings big presents like that?? I’ve noticed some of my friends buying a LOT of stuff – including scooters, toys, bikes.. I’m all confused? I thought he just hid some chocolate? And if my EB only brings chocolate – and ‘kid down the street’s’ EB brings a bike… ?

The politics of it all! What do you do? She’s been ‘wishing’ to the EB “please, I wish you will bring me a chocolate egg”, and last night she asked if the EB lived with Santa in the North Pole!!

Momma’s birthday

Today is my birthday. Happy birthday to me, and all that. All I really wanted for my birthday this year was to sleep in until 7:00am and have a shower during daylight hours. The big sleep in would require Daddy-O not leaving for work at his usual time of 6:30am. I almost got that. I woke up at 6:45am to screams at the kitchen table. Apparently Daddy-O sat them all down with some paper and markers so they could make me birthday cards. Then he promptly got onto his laptop because he was having such a late start to his day. So I got my sleep in, but was woken up to “she stole the red marker!” and “I want the blue construction paper!” Apparently when Daddy-O is on his laptop, he doesn’t hear this.

Birthday wish #1 ticked as being mildly successful.

When I came downstairs the kids decided that I had to work for my cards, so they all hid and I had to find them. When that job was done, they turned to Daddy-O and asked where the presents were that they got me. One gift bag was sitting there for me to open. You’ll never believe what was in it….are you sitting down? It was a game of scrabble. Yep, scrabble. I started searching through the box quite sure that there was cash or jewels hidden among the scabble letters, but not so! Simon claimed he was being sentimental because we played scrabble very randomly when I was pregnant with our first child 9 years ago when we did not have a TV. Since then, our game repetoire has included buckaroo, operation, and lucky ducks. I’m not sure when he thinks I’m going to have time to take up scrabble again.

The day went on much like any other, though facebook provided me with many birthday wishes. As I was about to put the kids to bed, Daddy-O pulled out a frozen chocolate cake to celebrate the big day. In the end, it made teeth brushing a nightmare and you know how it is putting kids with sugar highs to bed.

As for birthday goal #2 (being a shower in daylight hours)….that didn’t quite happen, so just be thankful you don’t have to look at me as you read this.

So the lesson is, though we Mommas don’t ask for much, apparently it is too much. I’m thinking if anyone is looking to make their millions, there is a manual that needs to be written that instructs husbands how to deal with birthdays when they have wives with young children. I’ll even proof read it for you!

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