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Santa, and elf yourself!

So the holidays are approaching and we all have that daunting task of buying stuff our kids won’t use all in the name of giving them something to unwrap on that insane morning. Being a Mabel momma, I’ve already exhausted all the mabel gifts….they have mabels, they have the Write On! stationery kits, they even have the cute gift tags. This leaves me with the job of finding other stuff that they will use and that I actually want them to have.

Then there is the issue of what they are asking for. I was horrified when my six year old daughter wrote her list to the big red guy. On it: a laptop, an ipod, and a pet dog! I reminded her that in her next life, she may get a nice mother, but as long as she has me, I’ll be advising Santa that none of those are appropriate this year. I suppose an ipod is not so bad, but I just don’t want to go there yet. I’m quite happy not having to hear about High School Musical and Hannah Montana for the moment. I know my days of Treehouse TV and Wiggles CDs are numbered…..

Also, what happens when the bigger kids stop believing and you have to get them to keep it quiet so that the little ones can live the lie for at least a few years? Luckily, mine are still all believers but I have a pretty good sense this is my last year in fantasy land.

Speaking of fantasy land, we have had tremendous fun with this….go to and insert your kids faces on these dancing elves. Fun for the kids to do and fun for your friends who get it in their inboxes!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends!

I love Thanksgiving for lots of reasons, but I especially love the jolt of Holiday Spirit it provides! Suddenly neighborhoods are lit with twinkle, halls are decked, and children start to wonder about the magic and lore of this season, whatever holiday you celebrate.

My family celebrates Christmas. Our tree is up and my daughter is starting to ask lots of questions about this Santa fella. She’s also fascinated with the new “doll house” (manger) adorning our mantle! It is very exciting. Every night she looks forward to turning the tree on and reading a Christmas story. Many questions, tons of wonder, and pure excitement. I know children only have a few years of this pure holiday innocence and I plan to enjoy it.

Give thanks, peace, and Happy Thanksgiving to you.

In from the cold

It has turned cold, here in Canada! Not super-cold, but light flakes are falling. My three year old daughter doesn’t seem to ‘get’ that it is cold. Is that strange? She refuses to wear mitts, then complains that her hands are cold. She thinks she can still ride her scooter everywhere she goes, then complains that its cold. She will NOT wear snow pants. Will she get over this? So strange.. she likes the outside, but she seems to be in denial. I am too.. but I’m old and don’t particularly like winter. She seems to like winter – but won’t dress for it. Lots of complaining…

Here’s hoping she gets over this soon!

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