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Mabel is a great name. It’s easy to spell, it’s uncommon – yet known. We love the name Mabel.
We received this note from a customer in the UK this week that is overflowing in MabelLove:

“Just have to tell you that when we were deciding what to call our little girl we looked all the names up on the web to see what came up and when we searched for Mabel yours was one of the first sites that came up. It was such a lovely site and had such cute pictures that we decided to call her Mabel and knew that when she went to preschool we would have to get her labels from you!”

Little Mabel in Portishead UK, a lovely package of Mabel’s Labels (that makes me smile) are on their way to you! Isn’t that just so cute?

Camp Mabel

I have just returned from the Ontario Camping Association Conference. For background, we partner with many of the camps because they want the campers arriving with mabels on all their camp gear. If you want to get the idea, check out

This is a show I love doing because it is so different to our usual shows, which are jam-packed with wee babies, busy toddlers and ripe bellies. Don’t get me wrong, I love the baby shows and no one out there loves seeing new babies more than this Mabel Momma. But there is something about hanging out with a bunch of camp Directors and Leaders that is pretty refreshing. For example, when they get dressed up for the big closing night banquet, it means they pull out their ‘good’ crocs. I think you get the idea!

But I found myself sitting with one camp Director at the pub last night (that definately doesn’t happen at baby shows!) and he put me to task asking why I was not sending my 8-year-old to camp this year. I had a bit of a sweat about it then I fessed up. My kids have not even had a sleep-over at a friend’s house, no way am I sending them off for a whole week to some crazy place! He then asked me if I was a helicopter mother. A what? Well apparently these are the moms who swoon around taking their kids to activities and places then just HOVER around. Hmmmm, I suppose it wouldn’t be a completely inaccurate account.

So, now I’m left to contemplate the camp experience and when I’ll be ready to dive into it.
In the meantime, I’ll probably just buzz around overhead for a while.

swear words

OK, so the very same kid who almost blew the santa myth at my house has now introduced the “f” word to my 6-year-old.
The bus buddy returns the kids yesterday and says a conversation went down on the bus between my 6-yr-od and this Gr. 5 kid on the topic of the “f” word. So I approach it in a casual way with my kid. She says there was a conversation but that it was meant to be a secret. I remind her of the rule that secrets from momma are only when they have to do with surprises, and have nothing to do with avoiding getting anyone in trouble. So she relays the conversation. Big kid tells her how it is spelled, but my kid keeps pronouncing it fusk. Big kid corrects it so that my kid can say her F sharps properly.
We have a chit-chat about the word and why it’s not a cool word to use, and then I talk about the fact that it is inappropriate for big kids to teach little kids swear words. She seems to think I make a bit of sense so we get on with our day and ’nuff said.

So now what? I’m thinking I have to go to the parent (again!) and talk to them about their innocence-squashing tween! This blog has a place for comments, so if anyone has a bright idea about following up on this it would be more than welcome!

In the meantime, I have one word for this situation and, well, I think you know what word that is!

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