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Five Ways to Get Involved at Your Child’s School

It’s not too late to get involved this school year. Doing so shows your kiddos that you’re involved with their education and see it as a worthwhile cause.

We compiled a list of our Top 5 ways to get involved:

1. Tutor students
By far one of the most rewarding jobs – helping a child learn to read and write.


2. Help build the stage or wardrobe for the school’s annual theatre production
Unleash your creative side!

3. Organize or involve yourself with a club that shares your interests.
Our favourite idea: crafting!

4. Help plan or chaperone a field trip
This one could be the most fun, plus you’ll get to spend time with your own kiddo!

5. Share your favourite product – Mabel’s Labels!
Set-up and share a personalized fundraising link for your school. If parents order online, the school earns 20% commission automatically. It’s THAT easy! Get started at


Try one out and give it your best – you never know what you’ll learn along the way! How do you volunteer your time at your child’s school?


Taking the Stress Out of the Holiday Season

The children writing to our sponsored child, Wilson, who lives in Guatemala.

The holiday period is a lot of fun for families, but ‘tis also a season of stress for parents. This year, try to lower anxiety levels and enjoy all that this festive season has to offer.

1) Stressor #1 – Shopping

• Be an organized shopper – know your budget, make a list, have coupons. Don’t be that frazzled mom with screaming kids wandering aimlessly through the mall. Know what you need and go get it. Have a plan and stick to it.

• Shop off-season – Aunt Betty may mention in July about the lovely slippers she wants, so buy them in July! Beats going over budget on something Aunt Betty doesn’t want on Dec 23rd because you’re desperate for a gift.

• Shop smart – if you have to go to the mall, don’t go at peak times unless you like a 3 mile hike from your minivan to the mall entrance. Better yet, don’t forget about a busy mama’s best friend: online shopping. Imagine doing all your holiday shopping from the comfort of your own home while wearing your PJs after the kids have been put to bed. Cyber Monday just passed and the deals out there were amazing – remember that for next year!


2) Stressor #2: Entertaining

• You may say you love entertaining and doing it all yourself, but if you find that you’re barking orders at your husband and getting grumpy with the kids, I’ve got news for you – you’re not having fun anymore. There is no “Holiday Martyr Hall of Fame” so you might as well ask your relatives to each bring a veggie dish or dessert. Heck, I delegate the actual turkey out to a family member!

• Put those kids to work. There is no reason for you to do it all. Have your kids set the table, for example. I know the settings won’t be perfect, but get over it. Kids should contribute and the holidays are about being together, not perfection. The more relaxed you are, the more fun everyone will have.

• If you MUST do everything yourself, stress can be reduced by doing things in advance – have the table set the week before, prepare and freeze suitable food. Keep things simple and easy to prepare.


3) Stressor #3: Kids Getting Spoiled

• Don’t go overboard with presents. We see so many kids with so much. Set limits and stick to them.

• Teach about giving. There are so many opportunities to give during this season. Sponsor a family, donate to a food bank, volunteer at a soup kitchen. The list goes on and on. Move the focus off presents and on to the community.

• Role model appreciation for things that are not materialistic. If you’re going on about the latest gadgets and clothing labels, guess what you’re creating? Yep, your very own materialistic consumer kid. Have fun with that.


Hopefully those few tips will ensure you feel more “ho, ho, ho” than you do “humbug”.


Looking for giving opportunities? Adopt a family for the holidays through the Salvation Army or Family and Children’s Services. Foodbanks and soup kitchens are always looking for help – check out the Red Cross and Good Shepherd. So many of our Mabel customers tell us about the organizations they are involved with. One customer founded the Tumaini Children’s Foundation helping needy children in Tanzania. Find out about sponsorship and volunteer placement opportunities at

Family Pets – To Go or Not Go There?

Maybe a family pet will help us avoid finding other ‘pets’

I’ve always sworn that I wouldn’t get a dog. My kids have begged for one every day for as long as I can remember. They make a full-time job of it. My reasons for being immune to their pleas have been many:

  •  I don’t really like touching them because they’re – well, you know…ANIMALS.
  • I have spent too long cleaning up human poop. Do I really want to add animal poop to my repertoire?
  • I feel so emotionally attached and responsible for six little humans. Do I have the emotional energy to worry about another living creature?
  • While kids make big promises around pet care, I know, at the end of the day, a puppy becomes Mama’s new baby and only wants her. I’ve seen how that puppy thing pans out.

So why am I weakening? Why do I find myself contemplating the very thing I said I would never do?

  • When a bunch of friends and neighbours got dogs over the last year, I called them all fools – FOOLS, I tell you. And yet, each one swears their family pet was a great decision that they have not regretted.  And I don’t *think* they’re lying to me.
  • I actually believe my kids would take care of the dog and pick up the poop. They know that if they stopped doing so, someone might “accidentally” leave the gate open and it would be bye- bye Rover.
  • Their faces. Yes, I can only imagine the reactions if I presented a puppy. They would probably think someone was impersonating me. My sister asked if I would be willing to endure years of doggie care-taking in exchange for a few moments of seeing extreme shock and delight on their faces. My answer – I just might.

So talk to me, wise council of readers. Do you have a family dog? Am I crazy? What kind do I get if I decide to go for it? Someone – please, anyone – be the voice of reason and tell me I’m just going through a weird hormonal stage because my baby is now 3 years old and normally I would have another baby or two by now. Am I just a bit clucky and I should let it pass?


Apparently a guy like this is only 20 lbs and doesn’t shed. However, Daddy-o apparently wouldn’t agree to anything with the word “doodle” in it.

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