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Back-to-school blues or celebration? + Contest!

It’s nearly here. It’s really happening. The day many parents have been waiting for – the day the children return to school. Elementary school, or high school, it makes no difference, this time of year is fraught with mixed emotions. Children and parents everywhere are both excited and nervous.

So, as a mama who has six kids to get out the door, I thought I’d take what I’ve learned over the years and create a FREE e-book to help other parents out. Because let’s face it we all like to get free stuff and we could all use a little help this time of year! Yes there are many free books online but this one is chock full of great advice such as transitioning from summer mode to back to school, how to deal with social issues and of course, some of my favourite products for back to school shopping.

Make this the year that back to school goes smoothly with school organization tips! Download your free Ultimate Back to School Guide here!


More free stuff – a contest!

Another product that makes back to school easier of course, are our labels. But if you haven’t already bought your Ultimate Back to School Combo or are in need of another don’t panic! Since time is running out on this combo offered only until Sept 30th, I’ve decided to have a give-away.

Simply comment below and let us know how you’re feeling about sending the kids back to school and you’ll be entered to win your very own Ultimate Back to School Combo!

This contest is open from 8pm EST August 31 to 11:59pm EST September 1, 2014


My Son’s Camper Achievement Award

My 12 year-old son is in his element when he’s at camp. Running around, getting muddy, hiking, swimming, skipping stones and catching frogs with a bunch of kids is pretty much a dream come true for him.

He always comes home with stories about the adventures they’ve had and new camp songs he’s learned. His arms are covered with dozens of friendship bracelets. Apparently, the rule is that the bracelets have to fall off naturally, and you can’t TAKE them off no matter how dull and tattered the once brightly coloured bracelets become.

The first year he went to camp, he’d never been away from home for a two-week stretch before. His big sisters were there so I knew they’d help him out if he got homesick. I also knew that they’d probably keep an eye out for any of his lost belongings.

Last year, he went solo, which made labeling all the more important. We went with the Limited Edition Camp Combo clothing labels for kids and had him choose the icon. We played a game by laying out all his clothes into piles, labeling them and taking pictures (Okay, it was mostly a game for me!) Clothes and hats were labeled with Tag Mates (my favourite!) and Skinny Minis were on all his toiletries. The beach towels got labeled (Tag Mates on the care tags), flashlight and water bottle got Sticky Labels, running shoes got Shoe Labels and his duffle bag and guitar case got the metal Bag Tags.

At the end of each camp session, funny, personalized camp awards for kids are given to each camper to recognize one of his or her most well known achievements. When we picked Eric up at the bus stop last year, he came down the steps of the bus, beaming with pride as he displayed his special award. It was the “Most Items in the Lost and Found” award!

When we got home, I dug all the sandy clothes out of the duffle bag and threw them directly into the washing machine. Fresh from the dryer, we laid them all out and compared them to the “before camp” photo.  And you know what? Almost everything made it back home. I think we were missing one water shoe and a t-shirt.

Without Mabel’s Labels’ camp clothing labels, I doubt Eric would have been reunited with his stuff and he would have missed out on winning that cherished award. Pretty soon he’ll be heading back to camp on that bus, everything labeled, and totally prepared to defend his title!

Have you got your Limited Edition Camp Combo yet? Hurry! It’s available until June 30th!


About the Author:

Karen Pearson is one of the friendly voices you’ll hear on the other end of the phone when calling Customer Service at Mabel’s Labels. She enjoys writing about her family, which includes a husband, 3 kids and a rescue dog from Greece.

- See more at:

Is Your Child Getting Too Much Technology?

Camp season is upon us & to help you help your kiddos get ready, we’ve lined up some guest posts by LeAnne from Inter-Varsity Camps! Enjoy & post any questions you have for LeAnne in the comments! 

As a mom of 2 boys, I talk to lots of other parents these days.  And without exception, the common concern is the amount of technology their child is exposed to – that, and a growing unwillingness to be separated from technology.  This seems to be especially true for parents whose children have a cell or smart phone.

How much technology is too much?  How much screen time is appropriate at what age?  Should we be concerned about how pervasive technology is becoming?  Or should we fully embrace it, no holds barred?

I’m no expert on this but I did hear an expert speak recently on the way significant amounts of technology stimulation (TV, computers, gaming, phones, iPads) result in a higher baseline of “needed” stimulation.  I see it in my own kids who, though still young, feed on the stimulation they get through screen time – multiple frame changes, lots of changing images and instant gratification – and they seem ever hungry for more.

In this context I’m becoming more intentional about the activities – both ordinary and extra-curricular – that I steer my kids towards.  They’re spending too much time on their butts, and not getting enough physical activity or face-to-face time with real people.  For this reason, I’m particularly excited about the two weeks my sons will spend at Pioneer Camp this summer.  No computer, iPad or Wii.  Instead, lots of good fun, outside activities, new friendships, amazing, caring leaders, all in a safe, healthy environment.

Want to give your child a technology-free week?  How about a place where caring young adults spend time playing with them, talking with them, running, playing sports, singing, laughing with them, teaching them skills and fostering their holistic development, with no access to screen time or technology.  A place where social interaction isn’t navigated through texting or Facebook.  Where the focus is fun, faith, activity, skills and relationship!

Interested?  Go to where you will get a 20% off coupon for Pioneer Camp if you’re a first time camper just for entering our summer getaway contest.

Pat yourself on the back for giving your kids a technology-free week of fun.  And celebrate them not sitting on their butts much for a whole week!

About the Author:

LeAnne is married and is the proud mom of 2 boys, aged 6 and 8.  Both boys are quickly becoming veteran campers as LeAnne works as VP Camping for Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship.  In this role she is responsible for leading the work of 9 Christian camps across Canada – 4Pioneer Camps and 5 Circle Square Ranches.  When she’s not working, LeAnne loves hanging out with her husband and her boys, bike riding, playing Wii, and making music together.

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