More Great Names

A couple of months ago I posted many of our most popular names. I thought it might be interesting to see some of our common… but not too common names! These are names that we do see regularly, but certainly not every day.

Clara Kelsey
Ainsley Kennedy
Aniela Kyle
Bailey Lindsay
Baxter Mason
Brandon Molly
Brendan Nico
Clara Oliver
Declan Peyton
Dominic Piper
Eli Quentin
Elizabeth Robbie
Gabriella Rowan
Gracie Sadie
Gregory Seth
Griffin Sierra
Hayden Simone
Isaac Sullivan
Jake Tanner
Jamie Tessa
Justin Turner

Happy Trick or Treating to you!

What an exciting day for all your little ghouls & goblins! I’m just waiting for mine to come through the door from her fun day at daycare. How will I ever get her to bed tonight? This is her first real Halloween – so I’m not sure what to expect. I’m going to try the “three pieces of candy only” advice.. but we’ll see!

I hope the weather is good for you and everyone has a fun and safe evening in the neighborhood!

We won!

We’re the Mompreneurs of the Year! Thank you so much for your votes. We are just so happy to be honored in this way. We had a big celebration with our staff and family last night and the celebration continues! We have received hundreds of kind messages from customers, agents, old friends and folks in the business community. Thank you all!

It was very brave of Julie to go on LIVE to hear the news. I couldn’t have done it!

The competition was very close, and all of us were equally worthy. Some of the products in the top 10 are amongst my favorite baby things and our favorite mompreneurs. Check ‘em out!

  • Fit4Two – prenatal and postnatal fitness programs
  • FitMom – prenatal and postnatal fitness programs
  • Wee Hands – infant and toddler sign language program
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