Would the Real Tinkerbell Please Step Forward

About six months ago I told my friends at Disney Canada that they’d never catch me dragging my kids into an amusement park the size of Ottawa, Ontario. They rubbed their hands together as though given a dare. They welcomed the challenge of my anti-Disney sentiment and were confident they would one day convince me of the Disney magic. To prove it, they cooked up a plan to get me down to Orlando to see it all for myself. Those Disney folks may seem sweet, but underneath all that they are a determined and committed crew, especially when it comes to converting the Disney non-believers!
My reasons for never having been to Disney World and never planning to go were legitimate. First up, I find princesses profoundly irritating. The books my girl kiddos read come directly off the anti-princess reading list. I also get a bit antsy when I’m surrounded by hyper kids on sugar highs. It probably doesn’t help that seeing exhausted toddlers forced to stay up late makes me want to shake parents and say “can’t ya see the kid is no longer having fun??” Bringing five kids to Disney just seemed too hard, plain and simple. Plus, I don’t like to mess with a good thing and my kids think going to the cottage is high-end holidaying…..no need to raise that bar!

So I post this today fresh out of my first Disney World in Orlando experience. I attended an online media event where Disney Canada kindly hosted me and a half dozen other mama blogger types for four days of the finest they had to offer. As a Disney first-timer, my head is still spinning from touring fabulous resorts, visiting the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Epcot. I will have a hard time forgetting the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, Mickey’s parade, the fireworks, Playhouse Disney, Fantasmic, Downtown Disney, Character dining, IllumiNations and so much more. Let me tell you, once away from our computers, we mama bloggers can pack a lot of action into a few short days!

So am I a Disney convert? Well, let’s say that I will concede to now understanding the ‘magic’ I hear everyone going on about. Am I ready to pack up my crew and head for sunny Orlando? Perhaps. One thing for sure is that it no longer seems like the impossible and daunting task it once did.
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Wanna Win Some Mabel Holiday Gift Tags?

Now that we have our ADORABLE Holiday Gift Tags out, I was thinking it would be a good time to do a give-away!

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Happy Festivus!

Pumpkin Bandits

Halloween festivities got off to a rocky start around here. You may remember that each child took great care in selecting his or her pumpkin. Last Saturday the kiddos designed their pumpkins and around the kitchen table we embarked on the adventure all parents both love and dread – the annual pumpkin carving event. Something about huge knives and excited kids is scarier than any Halloween ghost or zombie I’ve encountered. We carved our way through our family of pumpkins and immediately displayed them on the front porch with tremendous pride.

Dawn came early and the kiddos quickly discovered that our pumpkins had been abducted. Once the tears dried and the melt-downs ceased, the bigger kids went into private investigator mode. With walkie-talkies in hand, they began to case the neighbourhood for clues.

They discovered some evidence at the local park. At first there were some identification issues, but short of having dental records, we felt confident in making a positive ID – they were indeed our family of victim pumpkins. Of course I was left to field the unanswerable question: “Mama, WHY would someone do this to our pumpkins??”

Hmmmm….. good question. I did a re-enactment of how I thought it went down, playing the role of several bored teenagers out on the suburban streets looking for action, daring and double-dog daring each other. While it provided some entertainment, it occurred to me that I was on my computer until after midnight on crime night and from my home office I have a clear view of the front porch. So assuming my stereo-type is correct and teenagers were the culprits, it means they were hanging in the streets of my ‘hood in the very wee hours of the morning.

Has the word “curfew” fallen out of the English language? I predict that in a few short years I will earn the label of “uncool mama” when my five teens are required to hang out with each other (this is what siblings in big families do) and then must also return home at a time set by me. I predict I will embrace my uncool mama status without a second thought or an ounce of hesitation.

I have put some thought into the teenage years and have devised a sneaky plan. I’m going to create that house where all the teenagers hang out. It will be a house equipped with things that draw them in – a heated swimming pool, a pool table, a teenager-friendly basement with a freezer full of microwavable pizzas and a fridge full of coke. Ah, teenage wasteland right under my nose – AND my watchful eye. I understand there will be drawbacks like outrageous noise levels and even the occasional liquor cabinet raid. It will all be worth it when I can sleep soundly at night during the Halloween season knowing that no teenager under my watch is thieving pumpkins from innocent neighbourhood children!
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