Powerhouse Indeed!

The biggest lesson I learned from lunch with Victoria is that I need to ‘staff up’!

I asked how she could manage all those kids and run a business. I’ve got a ‘mere’ five kids and can’t figure out how someone could do it with eight! Well, she quickly stated that she has three full time staff….a nanny, a housekeeper, and a laundry person. Then it all made sense. So if anyone is looking for a birthday gift for me, forget the ipod, I’ll take some staff!

Ok – Mabel’s Labels is a web-based business, so I do my best to stay current on what’s going on out there in the web-world. But, for this techno-peasant, that is a big undertaking. I’m learning (OK, Mumby’s forcing me to learn) about podcasting, blogging, etc, etc. but I’m truly fascinated by this whole facebook phenomenon.

A while ago I started getting emails from people requesting to be my friend so I got myself set up on Facebook, but I’m left with a few questions about the point.

First off, I think facebook is just what used to be my old ‘contacts’ list but with pictures. Oh, and with the ability to be a bit nosey, which is a problem because if I had no self-control that could eat up a lot of valuable time. And is it just me, or does anyone really have an interest in someone’s status? I just can’t see myself popping onto facebook several times a day to update people on what I had for lunch.

I also have a pet peeve….I got a friend request from someone I have not seen in 25 years! Yes, that long. His message was “what’s new?” Is that serious…as if I can sum up 25 years in a few lines?

OK Mumby, Facebook……what am I missing?

What’s the strangest thing to happen to you this week?

Mabel has an answer! This is definitely the strangest thing to go on around the office:

A few weeks ago, Kim sent a camp a box of brochures to give out to their campers. Pretty routine experience for Kim! Yesterday they called to ask “what’s with the camel?”

“Camel?” asked Kim? Yes, when they opened their box of brochures, they found a Mabel’s Labels magnet and a camel statue!!

Kim did not send this statue. She sent brochures. Who’s the wise guy? UPS? Folks at the border? We have no idea, but it is hilarious! The best part is, the camp thought this was some sort of “welcome to doing business with Mabel’s Labels” gift and expected a box of brochures to arrive the next day.

a) I wish I was that clever and

b) I wish I could afford to UPS random camels to customers for no apparent reason!
Or can I afford not to? Is this the ultimate buzz marketing? They’ll never forget us, and how many people will they tell?

Brewster Day Camp: a box of actual brochures is being sent out today! Sorry for the delay – we ran into camel problems.

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