A Very Mabel “Bachelor Shower”

Yvan, our resident IT guru, is getting married this weekend. In true Mabel fashion we decided to have a party in his honour, complete with cupcakes from Weils of Westdale.

Yvan scored the Oreo cupcake that everyone was eyeing – it was his party after all! We are going to have to make sure the bakery puts a few more of those on the tray for our next event.

Everyone in the office chipped in to gift Yvan with gorgeous new bath towels and some unsolicited marriage advice. Congratulations Yvan!

Earth Day in The Mabelhood

Tamara, Christine & Sue

Tamara, Christine & Sue

Mabel’s Labels’ Community Relations Committee (CRC) was up and out early Tuesday morning to do their part for Earth Day! Tamara, Christine and Sue were at the Royal Botanical Gardens to volunteer with the City of Hamilton’s Eco-Festival!

The festival provided elementary school kids with activities that taught them all about being environmentally friendly. Our CRC reps acted as tour guides for the class taking them from one activity to the next. Kids even had the chance to touch a live alligator or snake. Sue held the alligator no problem but had to leave the room when the snake came out! While at each exhibit, everyone got to have a look at how we all can give our earth a little more TLC.

Thanks RBG for putting on a great event! See you next year!

Are the Biggies Ready for Baby?

One week today and my baby is going to be here. Is it just me or has this been the fastest pregnancy known to mama-kind? Usually it is only other women’s pregnancies that go quickly. I have now officially run out of time and it looks as though, among other things, I never will get around to having those pregnancy blood tests done.

I will, however, prep the Biggies on the arrival of their new sibling. I have never actually witnessed sibling jealousy in my household, particularly with regards to a new baby. Never has a nose been out of joint over a new arrival. Perhaps my kids don’t know how it feels to have an empire come crashing down since they’ve never really experienced having an empire.

Regardless, I’m covering my bases. I like the arrival of a new baby to be the celebration it should be and whether it’s baby #1 or baby #6, there are some things that never lose their novelty. There are a few tricks I have up the sleeve as a means of avoiding the reluctant sibling:

MAKE IT THEIR EVENT: the night before baby arrives (all c-sections, so no mystery around here), the Biggies make banners announcing “It’s a Boy” and “It’s a Girl” and blow up blue and pink balloons. When the news gets to them the next morning, they have a great time decorating the front of the house with the appropriate sign and balloons. Sharing news with the neighbours ranks high in their books.

FOCUS ON THEIR NEW ROLES: When the kids come to the hospital to meet the new baby, they are all donning shirts that brag about their new status. They wear their ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Big Sister’ t-shirts with great pride.

HAVE A GENEROUS BABY: I don’t know about you, but my babies don’t arrive into this world empty handed. They suck up to the older siblings with books, dvds and craft supplies. Babies who bring prezzies are instantly popular with Biggies.

LET THEM EAT CAKE: Our first day home from hospital becomes a birthday party for new baby, with cake and all. New baby equals cake consumption – no complaints from the Biggies about that.

SPREAD THE BABY LOVE AMONG THEIR FRIENDS: Nothing makes a Biggie more proud than gloating about the new babe. We do the “show and share” rounds for the school-aged kiddos when babe is about a week old. Biggie sits at front of class holding babe while friends gather around and have the opportunity to sneeze on new infant or poke new infant’s soft spot. All that germ sharing is worth it when you see the pride in Biggie’s face.
Check back on or after April 26th for the baby news. Please keep fingers crossed – I’m hoping to prove that six c-sections is not an unreasonable demand put on any one uterus!

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