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Mabel’s Labels Memories – Are Those Orders Real!?

Mabel  Co-Founder, Tricia Mumby, reflects back on one of Mabel’s Labels most memorial media hits!

Mabel's Labels Review on Daily Candy

Mabel’s Labels Review on Daily Candy

“One of the “jumpstarts” to our business was The Daily Candy.  On January 15th, 2004, we were all working our “day jobs” and hoping to get enough orders that week to make some Mabel’s Labels on the weekend.  Suddenly, our Mabel email went CRAZY with orders. We thought for sure we had a virus. But no! Those were actual orders! The Daily Candy had written a review of our product.  We had never even heard of it.  It was life-changing. The Daily Candy introduced us to thousands of our first customers and friends.  During the craziness of The Daily Candy frenzie, many other media outlets called us too, and it really go the ball rolling.  Thank you Daily Candy!

Check out the article from 2004 here:

10 Years of Mabel!

Mabel's Labels Class of 2007

Mabel’s Labels Class of 2007

Ten years ago, the four Mabel partners sat in my sister’s kitchen drinking champagne and stuffing envelopes to send to our friends. The letters inside announced our new business, Mabel’s Labels. We may have come close to begging them to order from our fancy new website. That fancy new website had just been created by a couple of buddies from university who did it in exchange for a foosball table.  Our budget for that evening of envelope stuffing was enough to cover about 100 stamps.

Those letters were mailed out to our friends and families, the very people who have stood behind us and supported us this past decade. Along the way, we have collected many more friends – our committed staff, our loyal customers, a few celebrities, kind media people who thought we were interesting enough to write about, and our online community of bloggers, tweeters and Facebook fans. Many people have spread the word about Mabel, sharing our product information and encouraging us. Our children have been an inspiration.  We have 13 kids between us who have been patient when we have had to sneak away from an activity with them for a conference call, or not be home for tuck-in because labels had to get out the door. They have all expressed how proud they are of their mamas for starting a business.

Our kids are growing up so quickly, and dear sweet Mabel is no exception. It is hard to believe we are celebrating her 10th birthday.  But celebrate, we will!

Mabel's Labels Sale

For our amazing customers and community, we are launching a sale on Sunday March 3rd, 5pm EST until Tuesday March 5th, 10pm EST with 40% off  five bestsellers: Sticky Labels, Skinny-Minis™, Tag Mates™, Shoe Labels and Preschool Shoe Labels. We expect our customers will be celebrating by stocking up, so delivery times will be delayed due to volume. Please be patient with us as we try to get your labels into your hands as quickly as humanly possible.

We’ll be posting fun contests and special albums throughout the month, and we’d love you to share any Mabel memories or stories that you may have too. Be sure to get in on the action by checking our Facebook page, following us on Twitter @mabelhood, and signing up for our newsletter if you haven’t already.

Mabel says “Let’s Party!”

Mabel's Labels Class of 2012

Mabel’s Labels Class of 2012


Mrs. Judgy McJudgerson at the Mall

And from the archives……this post has just been featured on the HLN Raising America website. Remember the time someone made Julie cry in the mall? Has someone ever judged your parenting? How did you handle it?

He’s the reason I got in a fight at the mall. And yes, as his shirt states, he was actually “dipped in handsome sauce”.

That cute face is why I got into a fight at the mall. And yes, as his shirt indicates, he was actually “dipped in handsome sauce”.

I took my three youngest kids for lunch at the food court in the local mall the other day. My toddler had a meltdown and was doing the high-pitched scream. Yeah, you know the sound.

As I’m trying to manage my stressful moment, an elderly woman looked over at us and shook her head in disgust. I had to take her to task on it because I hate passive aggressive communication. I wanted her to say the words – that my kid was out of control and I was a crappy parent. I wanted her to stand by her dirty looks. When I asked her why she was shaking her head, she stood by them alright, informing me that I should do a better job of “training” him. I almost had a temper tantrum myself at that point.

I suggested that if she found it too noisy, perhaps a café rather than a mall food court might better suit. Another suggestion I offered was that she come to my house and reform my entire collection of unruly children, all the while giving me some parenting lessons. Then I asked her to consider that next time she sees an exhausted mother struggling, why not offer to give her a hand? Mrs. McJudgerson was all criticism with nothing helpful to offer.

When the spectacle came to an end, another elderly woman made her way over to us and supported me, reminding me that people like that are not worth a second thought. Her support turned my anger into sadness. My lip began to quiver, then came a quiet tear and then another.

Why was I so sad? I was confused myself at first.

I was sad because this woman is the reason mamas worry that we are doing a bad job. She is the reason mamas feel too overwhelmed to take their three small children on an outing. She is the reason mamas get trapped at home, socially isolated – because they are afraid of going out there and being judged.

I was also upset because I’m worried about this toddler of mine. His tantrums are outrageous because his language is so delayed. He’s almost two years old and has no words. I’m scared that I’m about to travel down the autism road for a second time – a trip I really didn’t want to have to take. It felt like this woman in the food court was rubbing my face in it.

I took comfort in a couple of things. First, that karma has a way of repaying debt. Second, I am eternally grateful that she is not my mother-in-law. Imagine being related to that parenting expert!

What would your reaction have been?

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