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Top 3 Reasons Why a Sports Team Should Fundraise with Mabel

#1. The “is this my son’s, or yours?” game
From ice skates to football helmets and shin guards to reusable water bottles, it’s hard to tell who’s is who’s. Especially when you’re in a chaotic locker room!


#2. Percentage of sales goes back into the team

Purchase Mabel’s Labels through your team’s personalized fundraising website and 20% goes back to the team. That’s right, 20%! It’s that easy.

#3. Equipment is expensive!

Think of Mabel’s Labels as your insurance policy for the $200 hockey skates you bought this year. Labels are a must in order to avoid the lost and found pile, or worse.


Please share our Fundraising Information with your son or daughter’s coach today!

Our Top 5 Most Interesting Fundraisers

4 Paws for Ability

We have a lot of animal lovers here at Mabel HQ! 4 Paws for Ability enriches the lives of children with disabilities by training and placing quality, task-trained service dogs. Lives are transformed because of this organization.


Hammer City Roller Girls

The Hammer City Roller Girls are an all female, not-for-profit, skater operated, flat track roller derby league based in Hamilton, Ontario. They’re sassy, fun and TOUGH ladies!


Kisses for Kaitlyn

This fund was created by Stacey, a self-proclaimed Fundraising Freakasaurus! Stacey is a cousin to a little princess named Kaitlyn who was diagnosed with Leukemia. We featured her efforts in detail here on the Mabelhood blog back in 2011.


Animal Crackers Preschool

Quite possibly the cutest name for a preschool, don’t you agree?

Optimist Twirling Connection

This twirling organization has been so successful; we imagine they have every single item labeled at practice and competitions!

Introducing“Write Away!” Labels™!

Write Away Labels from Mabel's Labels

We’re always coming up with new products at Mabel’s Labels but this one has us super excited for a couple of reasons. First, we’ve been experimenting with ‘do-it-yourself’ type labels for awhile but until now, the technology has always left us disappointed. We especially wanted to avoid the need for special markers since that compromises the whole ‘ease of use’ quality we insist on. After lots of tweaking and testing, we hit on the solution. “Write Away!” Labels™ are personalized by you with ANY permanent marker. Just write, seal, stick ‘n’ go! The self-lamination means they’re super durable and, just like our printed Sticky Labels, are waterproof, dishwasher and microwave safe, and UV resistant!

 Mabel's Labels Write Away Labels for Kids

The other reason we’re excited is that this product allows us to offer our labels in retail stores for the very first time, meaning many of you really will be able to get your labels right away! Look for “Write Away!” Labels™ in the Stationery Department at Walmart Canada stores. They’re also available through our website under the ‘Sticky Labels’ tab. Choose from two fun themes, each featuring five of our most popular designs (30 labels per set).

However you get hold of them, please let us know what you think!

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