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10 Years of Mabel!

Mabel's Labels Class of 2007

Mabel’s Labels Class of 2007

Ten years ago, the four Mabel partners sat in my sister’s kitchen drinking champagne and stuffing envelopes to send to our friends. The letters inside announced our new business, Mabel’s Labels. We may have come close to begging them to order from our fancy new website. That fancy new website had just been created by a couple of buddies from university who did it in exchange for a foosball table.  Our budget for that evening of envelope stuffing was enough to cover about 100 stamps.

Those letters were mailed out to our friends and families, the very people who have stood behind us and supported us this past decade. Along the way, we have collected many more friends – our committed staff, our loyal customers, a few celebrities, kind media people who thought we were interesting enough to write about, and our online community of bloggers, tweeters and Facebook fans. Many people have spread the word about Mabel, sharing our product information and encouraging us. Our children have been an inspiration.  We have 13 kids between us who have been patient when we have had to sneak away from an activity with them for a conference call, or not be home for tuck-in because labels had to get out the door. They have all expressed how proud they are of their mamas for starting a business.

Our kids are growing up so quickly, and dear sweet Mabel is no exception. It is hard to believe we are celebrating her 10th birthday.  But celebrate, we will!

Mabel's Labels Sale

For our amazing customers and community, we are launching a sale on Sunday March 3rd, 5pm EST until Tuesday March 5th, 10pm EST with 40% off  five bestsellers: Sticky Labels, Skinny-Minis™, Tag Mates™, Shoe Labels and Preschool Shoe Labels. We expect our customers will be celebrating by stocking up, so delivery times will be delayed due to volume. Please be patient with us as we try to get your labels into your hands as quickly as humanly possible.

We’ll be posting fun contests and special albums throughout the month, and we’d love you to share any Mabel memories or stories that you may have too. Be sure to get in on the action by checking our Facebook page, following us on Twitter @mabelhood, and signing up for our newsletter if you haven’t already.

Mabel says “Let’s Party!”

Mabel's Labels Class of 2012

Mabel’s Labels Class of 2012


Put on your dancing shoes, we’re celebrating!

Mabel's Labels

Ten years ago, in a humble basement, our little Mabel was born. She was a sweet wee thing, with a colourful personality and a stick-to-it-iveness that was hard to beat. Thanks to lots of love and attention, she’s taken off in all sorts of wonderful directions, and today has many loyal friends, including some of her fave celebrities, all across North America and even around the world. Well, friends, it’s time to celebrate!

On March 27th Mabel turns 10 and we’d love you to join the celebration. Look for special giveaways, promotions, blog posts, trivia facts and lots more all month long. And, since no birthday would be complete without prizes, there’ll be lots of those too! There’s a definite possibility that Loot Bag Combos will be involved and since we know you love sales, we’ve got a BIG one lined up for you!

So please join us! No RSVP required but be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and sign up for our newsletter so you don’t miss a thing.


Mabel’s Labels on Today Show With Soleil Moon Frye

On Thursday, February 28th, Mabel Co-Founder, Julie Cole was on the Today Show with Soleil Moon Frye chatting about entrepreneurship and the story behind Mabel’s Labels.

Watch the segment with Julie below!


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Julie Cole Mabel's Labels Today Show

Julie Cole on Today Show


Mabel's Labels Today Show

The 4 Co-Founders of Mabel’s Labels. Julie Ellis, Julie Cole, Cynthia Esp & Tricia Mumby


Mabel's Labels at Target

Big News! “Write Away!” Labels are going to be available in Target US!


Mabel's Labels Soleil Moon Frye

Soleil Moon Frye and Mabel!


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