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“You’ve Been Mabel’d!” Mabel’s Labels has Partnered with the City of Hamilton to Promote Recycling!

“You’ve Been Mabel’d!” Diane handing out FREE customized Curbside labels to a Hamilton, On neighborhood.

Together with the City of Hamilton, ON we selected 3 neighborhoods to get “Mabel’d” with FREE  Curbside Labels to promote the city’s Gold Box program. The houses in the 3 neighborhoods were encouraged to place the Curbside Labels on their recycling & garbage bins and sign up to receive the gold star of recycling – a Gold Box!

GoldBox Audit

Gold Box winners receive a coupon for a FREE customized Curbside label from Mabel’s Labels, plus a sheet with recycling tips.

When Diane went back a week later with two City of Hamilton Waste Management team members they audited 18 houses and 6 of the homes were awarded with a Gold Box

In order to win a Gold Box, you must separate your paper and plastics as well as have any food or yard waste in the green bin and have just one bag of garbage.

Top blue box: Great recycling of plastics! Lower blue box: Incorrect recycling – hard plastic lids and candy bags are garbage.
Right: Cardboard ready for pick up – broken down is preferred, but stacked is just as good!

Each address is scored – a maximum of 3 minor infractions will still get you a Gold Box. For example – you didn’t break down your boxes, or you didn’t take the hard plastic lids off your juice containers or water bottles. Another infraction would be that you had your paper and plastic separated,but you had non stretchy plastic or hard plastic within the box – that is garbage. If you can’t bend, stretch or dent it, it isn’t recyclable.

Yay! This house was awarded with a Gold Box for their recycling efforts.


NEW from Mabel’s Labels: Scan & Store!™ Labels

NEW! Scan & Store Labels from Mabel! Locate storage containers and check their contents via QR labels and a super easy app! Use these innovative custom barcode labels on bins, totes and other smooth-surfaced containers. Download the free app then scan the QR code on each label to find out what’s stored where, right from your iPhone!


Colour:White with black QR code


  • 18 labels


  • 2.69” x 1.06” (6.8cm x 2.7cm)

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Join Us For A Small Business Twitter Chat: Wednesday, March 20; 1-2pm EST

Join us for a Small Business Entrepreneur Twitter Chat on Wednesday, March 20 from 1 – 2 pm EST. Hosted by @mabelhood and Co-Founder, @JulieCole, Momstown Founder, Ann-Marie Burton @momstowncaand Admiral Road Founders, Amy & Danielle, @AdmiralRoad. #SmBizChat

Follow along and join the conversation at 1pm EST on Wednesday, March 20th here: 


About the panelists: 

Mabel’s Labels Co-Founder, Julie Cole:

Julie Cole Mabel's Labels

Julie Cole

Veteran mother, Julie Cole has six very young children in her charge and is the co-founder of Mabel’s Labels Inc. In her role as company spokesperson, Julie has developed a dynamic, multi-media presence. Julie has become a well-known personality amidst Canadian mom entrepreneurs. She and her business partners were recently awarded the coveted Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year (Momentum) award. Julie’s willingness to share her entrepreneurial journey has led to various speaking engagements, from local moms groups to university level business classes.


About & Founder, Ann-Marie Burton: is a unique blend of early education programming and mama support delivered both online and in-person via 400 events nationally every month. Our national sites include Arts & Crafts ideas, Minds product reviews, great Contests, family-friendly Meals, and the personal Moments that connect us all.
Ann-Marie Burton MomsTown

Ann-Marie Burton – Founder & President

Ann-Marie feels very passionate that every mother should feel supported, encouraged and empowered in her choice to parent and to create a community. momstown brings this vision to life. Ann-Marie is thrilled to lead momstown’s continued development and is very proud that Canadian moms are connecting daily, based on platforms built by momstown. Get in touch with Ann-Marie on Twitter at @momstownca.


About Admiral Road & Founders, Amy Ballon and Danielle Botterell

Amy Ballon and Danielle Botterell - Founders of Admiral Road

Amy Ballon and Danielle Botterell – Founders of Admiral Road

As newly-minted MBAs, Amy and Danielle pursued their corporate careers on Bay Street. But changes in their lives – both professional and personal – led Amy and Danielle to think about their careers in a new way. By founding Admiral Road Designs in 2002, they opted for a ‘new fleece on life’ to nurture their creativity as well as their new families. Business suits and 80-hour work weeks have now given way to blue jeans, the joy of creative work and a more balanced – if still very hectic – lifestyle. The Admiral Road product line has grown to include a wide variety of original designs with an emphasis on beautiful, practical blankets for babies. In the past year, Admiral Road’s handmade fleece products have garnered the attention of international media and continue to be favourites with children and parents across the globe. These days Amy and Danielle often combine business meetings with playdates, juggle a growing business with growing children, and couldn’t be happier about it all!


Follow along and join the conversation at 1pm EST on Wednesday, March 20th here: 




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