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It takes a village, right?

Would you believe that a kid in the neighbourhood actually told my six-year-old that there is no Santa? I had to fight my initial instinct of shoving the kid’s face into a snowbank.

So my kid says, “Mommy, ‘so-and-so’ said there is no Santa. Is there?”

It’s not in my nature to outright lie to my kids, but I’m not quite ready to kiss the myth good-bye just yet. Quite frankly, I think I came up with a pretty clever response, if I do say so myself. I told her to go and tell this kid that she can believe what she wants but ‘if you don’t believe, you don’t receive’. My kid was quite happy with that comeback.

I was not satisfied. I had to tell the parents of this older child that they need to give a lesson to their little Santa myth-buster about operating on a ‘need to know’ basis. I was polite (no faces ended up in snowbanks) and the response was alarmingly good…a bit of guilt and a promise to have the discussion.

I have to admit, I’m the kind of mother who will discipline any child within reach and it has resulted in a few funny looks. When it happens I generally just scream: “last I heard, IT TAKES A VILLAGE!”. So maybe I’m the Village Idiot, but I’m OK with that.

YouTube for kids!

My daughter and I spend a lot of time on YouTube. I was telling a friend about all the fun things we watch, and she wanted to know exactly what we watch, because she had never gone to YouTube.. especially with her kids!

So I thought I’d make a favorites list here, for all to enjoy:

Baby Sea Turtle Hatching
People swimming with Whale Sharks
Wild Sea Horse
Dancing, harmonica playing baby Elephant!
Jelly Fish
Kid Yoga Moves
Gymnastics Floor Exercises

Ballet Dancers

Irish Dancers

This is a short list. We just search on things that interest us at the moment. She finds it fascinating and it seems to encourage her to want to try something new, or learn something new. You need to be pretty careful on YouTube though. I’ve stopped searching on characters (wonder pets, dora etc). Most of them have been doctored to be adult humor that is not appropriate for your little one. Unfortunately, you usually don’t find this out in time! The videos are rated but I just like to avoid it altogether. Sports, animals, pets, songs, are generally fine and FUN to watch! We also like to watch games and songs that children in other parts of the world play and sing.

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