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We won!

We’re the Mompreneurs of the Year! Thank you so much for your votes. We are just so happy to be honored in this way. We had a big celebration with our staff and family last night and the celebration continues! We have received hundreds of kind messages from customers, agents, old friends and folks in the business community. Thank you all!

It was very brave of Julie to go on LIVE to hear the news. I couldn’t have done it!

The competition was very close, and all of us were equally worthy. Some of the products in the top 10 are amongst my favorite baby things and our favorite mompreneurs. Check ‘em out!

  • Fit4Two – prenatal and postnatal fitness programs
  • FitMom – prenatal and postnatal fitness programs
  • Wee Hands – infant and toddler sign language program

Pins & Needles

In less that 24 hours we’ll know if we are worthy of the title “Mompreneurs of the Year“. I am just so sick over this one! We’ve been considered for a few big awards in our day – and we’ve never been as nervous about it! Maybe because the votes came from the public? Our hopefully adoring public?! It’s like the “people’s choice award” for Canadian Moms that work and work and clean and cuddle and bandage and console and feed and work and work and play and teach and all of the other stuff we do to make a happy family and successful business.

Finger’s crossed! I’ll let y’all know tomorrow how we did! Even if we don’t win – it is amazing to be voted into the top three when all of us are so deserving. Way to go to all Mompreneurs! You rock!

If you want to watch us win or lose, tune in live to Canada AM at 8:40am est tomorrow!

She Loves Us – She Really Loves Us!

A couple of weeks ago, we received a wonderful phone call. A producer at The View called to say that Elisabeth Hasselbeck was hosting a live, on-air baby shower for herself and an audience full of women expecting their second child. She will be featuring her favorite baby products – and Mabel’s Labels is one of them! WOW! We are just so thrilled with this. Elisabeth probably has no idea how fantastic it is for a home-grown company like ours to receive this sort of recognition, or what it will mean for us.

Be sure to watch The View on Tuesday October 23! We’ll certainly be watching :o ) Thank you, Elisabeth!

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