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Camp Mabel

I have just returned from the Ontario Camping Association Conference. For background, we partner with many of the camps because they want the campers arriving with mabels on all their camp gear. If you want to get the idea, check out

This is a show I love doing because it is so different to our usual shows, which are jam-packed with wee babies, busy toddlers and ripe bellies. Don’t get me wrong, I love the baby shows and no one out there loves seeing new babies more than this Mabel Momma. But there is something about hanging out with a bunch of camp Directors and Leaders that is pretty refreshing. For example, when they get dressed up for the big closing night banquet, it means they pull out their ‘good’ crocs. I think you get the idea!

But I found myself sitting with one camp Director at the pub last night (that definately doesn’t happen at baby shows!) and he put me to task asking why I was not sending my 8-year-old to camp this year. I had a bit of a sweat about it then I fessed up. My kids have not even had a sleep-over at a friend’s house, no way am I sending them off for a whole week to some crazy place! He then asked me if I was a helicopter mother. A what? Well apparently these are the moms who swoon around taking their kids to activities and places then just HOVER around. Hmmmm, I suppose it wouldn’t be a completely inaccurate account.

So, now I’m left to contemplate the camp experience and when I’ll be ready to dive into it.
In the meantime, I’ll probably just buzz around overhead for a while.

WIN at Angela Kinsey’s Baby Shower!

Win at Pinks & Blues! You could win fabulous prizes, including Mabel’s Labels at the Pinks & Blues virtual baby shower. They are hosting this shower for Angela Kinsey of NBC’s The Office (she plays wickedly quirky Angela). You can win the fab products she will be receiving. Good Luck!

It takes a village, right?

Would you believe that a kid in the neighbourhood actually told my six-year-old that there is no Santa? I had to fight my initial instinct of shoving the kid’s face into a snowbank.

So my kid says, “Mommy, ‘so-and-so’ said there is no Santa. Is there?”

It’s not in my nature to outright lie to my kids, but I’m not quite ready to kiss the myth good-bye just yet. Quite frankly, I think I came up with a pretty clever response, if I do say so myself. I told her to go and tell this kid that she can believe what she wants but ‘if you don’t believe, you don’t receive’. My kid was quite happy with that comeback.

I was not satisfied. I had to tell the parents of this older child that they need to give a lesson to their little Santa myth-buster about operating on a ‘need to know’ basis. I was polite (no faces ended up in snowbanks) and the response was alarmingly good…a bit of guilt and a promise to have the discussion.

I have to admit, I’m the kind of mother who will discipline any child within reach and it has resulted in a few funny looks. When it happens I generally just scream: “last I heard, IT TAKES A VILLAGE!”. So maybe I’m the Village Idiot, but I’m OK with that.

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