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Santa was NOT here

In true Martha spirit, I am wrapping my gifts well in advance! I put many of them under the tree, because I am so proud of my beautiful job! BUT my 3-year came home last night and ran toward the tree singing “Santa was here! Santa was here!”.

As you can imagine, she was devastated and did not understand a) that Santa did not put those presents there and b) none of them were for her.

If anyone out there is actually working on the handbook that ought to come with kids – add this one to the list: until they’re 6, no presents under the tree until Christmas Eve. It never occurred to me! I really need that book…

December 6th

So when is it a good time to tell your daughters about the Montreal Massacre? Do you remember where you were when it happened?

I was 18 and in my last year of high school. I must say, I was pretty clued into the fact that things were not quite right and was blossoming into a good little feminist. I remember being overwhelmed with the thought that in 1989 women in Canada can actually be killed for studying to do a ‘man’s’ job.


So my husband’s mother was born in Holland, so the kids have an Oma. We thought it would be cute for them to do Dutch school so they could do some crafts and learn some songs from Oma’s homeland. But what I have just learned is that on December 5th, Sinterklaas comes to the homes of Dutch kids (and apparently to the homes of kids who have Omas) to put little presents in their boots or shoes. OK, that seems a bit funny, but no problem. I chuck a KinderEgg into the five little boots and I’m good to go.

But wait! It gets better…..the kids then proceed to tell me that if children are naughty, Sinterklaas throws them into his bag and hauls them back to his place for two weeks of behaviour boot camp! I’m thinking maybe this Sinterklaas deal might be a good thing….

Then comes time to put them to bed. Sinterklaas backfires…..anxiety, tears, outright meltdowns because they all think they’re going to wake up in some bag! They were out of control. We even had to phone Oma so that she could confirm that the ‘kid in a bag’ part is legend. Oma was not home. Then they insisted I phone their teacher from Dutch School. Sweet Mrs. Templeman

Note to self – know more about cultural traditions than the children do. Consider that lesson learned.

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