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Extracurricular & Team Fundraising Ideas

Is your child involved in extracurricular activities? With so many ways kids can stay active and engaged, we’re always surprised to hear how often look-alike items like jerseys, dance shoes, baseball caps, skates and even hockey sticks go home with the wrong owner.

Our Fundraising program is a perfect place for organizations like sports teams, scout/girl guide troops, and dance studios to earn funds and encourage parents to label their kids look alike gear! Have a favourite dance academy? Did you know that we have three dance studios earning hundreds of dollars with our fundraising program?

Boundless Dance Association has earned more than $300, Love of Dance Association has generated $400+ and Step by Step Dance Parents Association has earned over $500! With expensive competition costs, many dance studios look to fundraising to assist with added costs. And what better way to raise money then with a trusted company like Mabel’s Labels? With earnings in the hundreds, we know that these organizations are bustin’ a move with happiness!

We encourage you to check out our program and platform at and see how the many organizations your kid is involved with can earn extra dollars and help eliminate the lost and found.

Some other organizations that are earning funds with Mabel are:

-         Schools

-         Daycares

-         Non-profit organizations/charities

-         Moms Clubs

-         Sports; Hockey, Baseball, Gymnastics and Cheerleading





Have you seen our new Fundraising Program and platform?

If you’re looking for creative fundraising ideas and want to know how to raise money for your organization, school or event or simply want to give a donation to a favourite charity then you’ve come to the right place! In June we made the switch to host our fundraising program with a new platform which allows organizations to create custom campaign pages, use social media to share socially with family, friends, co-workers and supporters and also includes real-time result tracking!

We’ve seen some great results from some of the campaigns, like this one for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This charity had a donation goal of $150, and by the time they finished their campaign they had earned $307!

Melissa, the campaign Captain was diligent in promoting the campaign to her social network through social media and it paid off. All she had to do was share the campaign page using the tools provided within the platform. She also included the campaign link into an email to share her efforts with others.

Her dedication to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society tied with her personal connection to the cause allowed her to have a successful campaign and we’re thrilled to have been able to assist her with surpassing her goal!

If you want to make know how to make money fast; you need to put in some time. The effort will pay off in the end! The time isn’t necessarily lengthy, and the work isn’t overly hard – but effort equals results.

Our new fundraising program is a change for some, and may seem daunting at first, but we’re here to help and we want you to be successful! To learn more about the program and how to start with your own fundraising website, go to and scroll down to see some of the campaigns that are making money with Mabel. You can be on that list too! Join today!


Fundraiser Spotlight: Short and Sweet.

The saying ‘short and sweet’ is commonly used when something is less painful than expected. For example; wedding speeches. No one likes a long, drawn out wedding speech. Argh.

Or the wait at the walk in clinic. Imagine walking in at 2:00pm and being called in at 2:04pm. Short and sweet. No one likes waiting; especially during cold and flu season. Yuk!

Our NEW Fundraising Program is ‘short and sweet’ and we think you’ll like it!

Previously, organizations could run fundraising campaigns that were year-long, but now we offer a maximum of 60 days to fundraise. Why? Because people react better to things that are ‘short and sweet.’ We’re all busy, so why draw out a fundraiser for 12 months, when you can focus on it for just 2 months? We know that there are other initiatives, companies and causes that are important to your organization.

It’s proven that supporters are more likely to take action regarding a fundraiser if they’re given a due date to purchase. With our new program, they have up to 60 days to support your cause earning you 20% commission on their order. If their order comes through your fundraising campaign after your campaign ends, then you earn just 5%.This is extra incentive for them to support you earlier.

With the new fundraising program you don’t need to constantly remind supporters throughout the year. You can choose the time of year that best suits your organization (Back-to-School season, holidays, or targeted around a special event like a year-end trip) so that you can set your sights on reaching your goal. Easily and quickly email and post to social media information about your campaign. Social media marketing is effective and easy, and with the click of a button you can invite committee members (or parents, teachers, coaches, etc) to join your campaign to assist you with your efforts. Effectively watch your commissions grow with your very own customized campaign page.

Short and sweet.

Here are some other reasons why our new 30-60 campaign driven fundraising program is painless:

-          20% commission earned during campaign period

-          5% commission earned up to 6 months after campaign has ended

-          Fast payouts. We’re talkin’ within 15-20 days fast.

-          Build a fundraising committee within your campaign. The more people you have join your cause, the quicker you’ll reach your goal!

-          Real time results. See who’s supporting you.

-          Social sharing tools. Everyone is online; reach them that way! No more door to door!

-          Customized campaign page; upload your logo, organization info and cause details. The more a potential supporter knows about you, the more likely they will support.


To learn more about how our Fundraising Campaign works and how to raise money online, click here. To sign up for a campaign, go here.


Quick. Easy. Painless. Fundraising.

Because we all like…Short and sweet.


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