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10 Signs You’ve Entered into Your Mom Years.

We all know that when you become a Mom, you’re transformed. Physically, emotionally, literally, figuratively… It’s all happening. But for some reason, we wake up one day and think, “Wait a minute… I have three children?? I’m a Mom?? I was in my 20s yesterday. When did this happen??”

Yes. When you weren’t looking, you suddenly changed. You are wiser. You are more mature. You no longer have a shot at Leonardo DiCaprio. You have fully entered into your Mom years.

Here are a few signs it has happened to you:

1. You not only understand, but nod approvingly and chuckle at the 8 million memes on the interweb about coffee and wine.

2. Your purse has become storage for your children’s toys and accessories. (Which actually comes in handy when you’re driving and forgot your sunglasses at home. Hello Kitty sunnies will do in a pinch!)

3. You have this unnerving talent of working your birth story into any conversation you have with a fellow Mom.

4. You flat out refuse to get rid of that one, giant pair of “laundry day” undies. In fact, they are now reaching “regular rotation” status. You know… the kind that should NEVER see the light outside the underwear drawer. Of course, you tell yourself that it’s all okay because they’re soft pink in colour. So that negates the largeness of them and makes them pretty. Honest.

5. You have eaten a cupcake alone in the bathroom.

6. You realize one day that many of your coworkers are 12-15 years younger than you. Suddenly, you are no longer the young pup in the office.

7. You investigate your face close up and in natural light at least once a week to make sure there are no rogue hairs.

8. Sleep deprivation has just become a way of life. And you’re really okay with that.

9. You have discussed your breasts with people on more than one occasion and at least once while at work (much to your younger coworkers’ horror).

10. You’ve looked at your partner and thought “How on earth are you still raising your eyebrows suggestively at me at the end of the day??” First of all – how are you not tired? And even if you can get past that… the rogue hairs, the laundry day undies? Really? I still turn you on?? Bless you.


About the Author:

Heather Dixon is a copywriter at Mabel’s Labels, a smoothie aficionado, a runner and a Mom to three highly advanced little girls (according to her husband and her).

Why Moms need more credit.

A while back, the parenting world was bombarded by a movement that poked fun at Dads everywhere. Commercials, jokes, ads, blogs, etc. Everyone was talking about what a “doofus” the bumbling, well-meaning but clueless Dad was.

Then there was a movement against it. The truth came to light. Dads are involved now. They’re hands-on. They do everything and are good at it, too. Dads go above and beyond these days. And while this is so very true… It’s also not true.

I agree whole-heartedly that you are wonderful, Dads. You really, truly are.

But where’s Mom’s credit?

Here’s what I mean. When my husband rolls around on the floor with our kids, takes them to skating or ballet lessons, gets up early with them and puts them to bed (all things he does very, very well) – he’s an awesome, amazing, hands-on Dad. (And he is).

But when I do these things, I’m just a Mom. I’m doing what I’m supposed to.

When I’m making lunches, taking them to doctor and dentist appointments, keeping track of show & share days and school slips and birthday parties, taking them to get new shoes, making sure they have Valentine’s Day cards, or a green outfit for St. Paddy’s Day – I’m being a Mom. It’s normal for me to get up with them in the night, start my day at 6am and never stop until they’re fast asleep, play on the floor, wipe bums, colour, do their laundry, make up games, get them lunch and dinner and water and more cheese.

And please don’t get me wrong – I love to do this. I really do. (As long as I can have my morning coffee first). My husband does his fair share. But sometimes there’s a difference in how this is perceived. To some, my husband is seen as going above and beyond. To some, I’m just doing my job.

Do we really have to wait until our kids are adults to be truly, truly appreciated? To have someone tell us we’re doing a great job? Maybe I’m just tired and run down (darn cold) and feeling sensitive. But I think it would be nice to hear someone tell my husband “Wow, she’s really an involved, hands-on Mom, isn’t she? And she changes diapers, too!?”

Again, I think my husband is amazing. He really is a great Dad and I love the kind of father my daughters have. They’re incredibly lucky. Dads are so important and there’s no denying their involvement. It’s pretty much the norm for my generation to see Dad’s as engaged in almost everything when it comes to kids.

It just wouldn’t hurt to hear Moms get some love, too.

About the Author:

Heather Dixon is a copywriter at Mabel’s Labels, a smoothie aficionado, a runner and a Mom to three highly advanced little girls (according to her husband and her).


Last month marked five years since I became a Mom. My oldest daughter had her fifth birthday.

It’s been five years of non-stop kissing of soft skin, developmental milestones, gummy smiles, little hands grabbing my hair. Five years of worry, coffee, crying and love.

And in five years, we became a party of five. My husband and I now have three gorgeous little beings that we call our own.

We took our three daughters out for dinner last week. They were uncharacteristically calm and agreeable for a 5-year old, 3-year old and 9-month old at the dinner hour. So it was a good night. It was a proud night.

People smiled at our table. The wait staff complimented us. We took it all in while we could. Because our lives are very rarely calm now. Our house is vastly different than it was just five years ago.

Things are noisy. There’s almost always a boo-boo or someone crying or squealing or singing. The number of times I’ve said “Please be quiet, the baby is sleeping” can’t even be counted. It’s like living with three little hurricanes. Our rooms are messy. Lived in. There are endless pieces of artwork proudly taped to the bedroom walls. Pencil crayons on the floor. Princess dresses in a heap in the closet. Footprints on the hardwood and handprints on the mirrors.

In five years, my life has changed dramatically. I’ve gained weight. Lost free time. And met three very different little girls who have changed everything for me. I’ve collected five years’ worth of pictures. Of little sleepers that no longer fit. Of toys and artwork and kids’ books.

Now my life, my thoughts, my time is consumed by these little beings that amaze me every day.

This anniversary was a big deal to me. So much has changed. I’ve been given so much.

And it’s only been five years.


About the Author:

Heather Dixon is a copywriter at Mabel’s Labels, a smoothie aficionado, a runner and a Mom to three highly advanced little girls (according to her husband and her).

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