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Fundraiser Spotlight: Bearspaw Preschool Society

Over the years, we’ve had a variety of organizations host a fundraiser with us to assist in generating funds for their cause. We felt it was time to shine the spotlight on some of the amazing people and organizations running a Mabel’s Labels Fundraiser.

Bearspaw Preschool Society – located in Calgary, Alberta – has been hosting a successful fundraiser for their not-for-profit organization since 2009. The fundraiser has helped them earn hundreds of dollars over the years to assist with buying supplies and funding day trips for the morning and afternoon programs. Bearspaw Preschool Society runs programs for children ages 3 & 4 and is operated by a five-member executive board; all of which are elected parent volunteers.

Bearspaw thinks that a Mabel’s Labels Fundraiser makes the most sense for a preschool, as it’s the first time many kids and parents are coming into a school environment. They believe that ensuring the students’ items are properly labeled and easily identifiable makes life easier for the parents, children and teachers. They also like that they can promote their campaign throughout the year through their community monthly magazine as well as in an introductory letter that each parent receives upon registration.

Their advice to other organizations running a Mabel’s Labels fundraiser is to actively promote it, and remind parents how beneficial labels are for all sorts of school gear.

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Fundraiser Spotlight: Virgi’s Vikings!

Over the years we’ve had a variety of organizations host a fundraiser with us to assist in generating funds for their cause. We felt it was time to shine the spotlight on some of the amazing people and organizations running a Mabel’s Labels Fundraiser. 

The reason why Virgi’s Vikings walk; Lydia’s mother with her 3 of her 4 granddaughters.

Lydia from Etobicoke, Ontario has been running an online fundraiser with Mabel’s Labels since April 2013. Each year Lydia and her team, Virgi’s Vikings, walk for The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers in support of her mom, a breast cancer survivor. Lydia has raised over $200 to assist with the required donations for each member of her team.

It was through another fundraiser that Lydia found out about Mabel’s Labels and made her first purchase. Telling us that the labels pretty much sell themselves, she finds hosting a fundraiser with Mabel’s Labels to be easy. She shares her designated link for her fundraiser on social media and is sure to tell other Moms about it.

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The Right Book at the Right Time

Guest blogger and book-loving mama Heather Wray talks about her favourite childhood books and how the right book at the right time can encourage children to become lifelong readers. 


When my grandfather was preparing to move into a retirement residence, he gave me a small trunk which held some of his most treasured possessions: my grandmother’s wedding dress, his silver baby spoon, and three 19th century volumes of The Works of Charles Dickens. Inside one of the books, in youthful fountain penmanship, is inscribed my great-great-grandfather’s name.

Now you can walk into any library or bookstore and grab a copy of Nicholas Nickleby, and so the fact that these books have been in the family for over a century indicates that the physical item can be just as valuable to a person as the words on its pages. It is said that if children connect with the right book—one that captures their interest and imagination—at the right time, they will become lifelong readers. Were these volumes the “right” books for my great-great grandfather?

I think back to some of the books I first read—books I still have—and they are very much like old friends.  Many were read several times, and some contain birthday wishes from the relatives who gave them to me. Books like The Secret Garden, Little House on the Prairie, and Anne of Green Gables  introduced me to worlds and times beyond my own.  They offered an escape and an understanding of what it is to be lonely, to struggle, to overcome.  The Velveteen Rabbit comforted me when my favourite stuffed bunny disappeared in the hospital after a case of appendicitis. And then there was Nancy Drew – a strong female character who always prevailed in the end.

Do I expect my descendants to keep these books forever? No. They will have their own treasures that will be meaningful to them. However, I do love revisiting stories I think my kids will enjoy and reading with them. With their yellowed pages and well-worn spines, these books reflect a simpler time. I read my first e-book this summer and loved it, but there is truly nothing like the all-sensory experience of snuggling up with little ones and turning the pages together. They laugh at the funny parts and widen their eyes at the suspenseful ones, and I’m fairly certain I will never throw those books away.

Book Labels


Book Labels











Giveaway Alert! We’re giving away a set of Book Labels  from Mabel’s Labels! To enter, simply leave a comment letting us know what your favourite book as a child was. Winner will be announced on August 21, 2012.





About the Author:

Ten years ago Heather made one of the best decisions of her life when she went back to school to become a librarian. She currently works in a public library and has a passion for connecting people in her community with the resources they need. She shares her life with her husband, a son and daughter, and a guinea pig named Snowy. Her children have taught her more than any book ever could.

Heather blogs about her experience raising a child with Down syndrome and the resources that are helping her along at


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