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Do I know names?

Because we see so many names through Mabel’s Labels, people often run their names past us wondering if it’s a good one, popular one, etc.

I don’t know about good, but I do know about popular! Here is a list of the most commonly ordered names so far this year. Keep in mind, many creative mommies take license with spelling – so there could be many more variations on these names that my quick count hasn’t caught!

In order of most popular to less:
































































































The Internet if FUN again!

I’ve discovered a great new tool that seems to have made the internet fun again! It’s called StumbleUpon and I love it. I spend so much time online for work that I really don’t ‘explore’ much (who has time anyway?). With Stumble, you just feed it topics you’re interested in and hit “stumble!”. It randomly lands on pages it thinks you might be interested in. And it’s usually right!

I find things I am interested in that I had forgotten I was interested in! Busy moms often don’t have time to participate in their own interests. Stumble makes the time for you. No more messy search engines for me! They certainly have their place when you’re looking for something specific, but if you’re just looking to see what’s out there and surf old-school, Stumble it!

Once I figure out how to make a stumble profile (no time for that!), I’ll post it here so you can see where I stumble.

The Customer Service Spectrum

This week I had two shocking customer service experiences that I want to share: Volvo vs. nail shop.

My month-old car had a problem and needed to go to the shop. My pilates instructor, steph, was injured during a pedicure.

Steph was hobbling around the studio with a bandaid on her heal. Of course, everyone asked what had happened. She was getting a pedicure at a local nail shop and the tech took a slab of skin off her heal with the blade thingy! She yelped out, bled, and was very upset. The shocking part is… SHE PAID! She shouldn’t have, of course – but they shouldn’t have accepted payment!

My month old car-love-of-my-life Volvo needed to go into the shop due to a faulty nav system. I should have been furious, but we’re still in the honeymoon phase. When I arrived, I was greeted with a Starbucks coffee, keys to a loaner car and I could come back at my leisure the next day. The loaner car was a fabulous new C30 (loved this car!), my car was not only fixed but vacuumed, waxed, tires treated and I had another Starbucks :o )

All week I was thinking about the ridiculousness of the nail shop. Steph sees groups of 15 women 6 times a day, 6 days a week in her studio. They’re ALL going to hear about this nail shop. We’re all telling our friends! It’s a small town – this is just so dumb. All week I was telling people about my hot loaner car, fab service at Volvo, vacuumed car, just how great the whole experience was. Volvo actually tricked my brain into thinking having my car fixed was some sort of treat. If I was still driving my Chrysler, I would have been furious that this new car already has something wrong with it! But I’m not. I felt like my car was at the spa or something.

Mabel’s Labels takes its cues from Volvo. We listen to our customers. We are always thinking “what will they tell their friends about this experience?” Shouldn’t every business do that? I’m very curious to see if this local nail shop can even stay in business!

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