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What’s the strangest thing to happen to you this week?

Mabel has an answer! This is definitely the strangest thing to go on around the office:

A few weeks ago, Kim sent a camp a box of brochures to give out to their campers. Pretty routine experience for Kim! Yesterday they called to ask “what’s with the camel?”

“Camel?” asked Kim? Yes, when they opened their box of brochures, they found a Mabel’s Labels magnet and a camel statue!!

Kim did not send this statue. She sent brochures. Who’s the wise guy? UPS? Folks at the border? We have no idea, but it is hilarious! The best part is, the camp thought this was some sort of “welcome to doing business with Mabel’s Labels” gift and expected a box of brochures to arrive the next day.

a) I wish I was that clever and

b) I wish I could afford to UPS random camels to customers for no apparent reason!
Or can I afford not to? Is this the ultimate buzz marketing? They’ll never forget us, and how many people will they tell?

Brewster Day Camp: a box of actual brochures is being sent out today! Sorry for the delay – we ran into camel problems.

Blog Move!

Mabel’s Labels is thrilled to be entering the world of e-communities. Once I started blogging, the door was open for more, more, more! We’re going to begin a podcast in June, we’ve posted some of our recent TV appearances to youtube… exciting! Check it out. If you have any suggestions or tips for this type of communication, we’d love to hear it

It’s all new to us, and we’ll likely make lots of mistakes, but hey – at least it’s real!

Mama Guilt

Do you remember the first time you felt it? The mama-guilt? Could have been anything – letting her cry, resenting waking up, really really really wanting to give up nursing and give her a bottle… I remember being overwhelmed with guilty thoughts and thinking ‘why didn’t anyone tell me this?’.

I visited my aunt and new baby cousin this weekend. Baby Syd is very cute and very sweet, but also VERY attached to her mama. At 9 months, she won’t let anyone else hold her, feed her, cuddle her, or look at her! Mama took a few hours off and left Syd with Daddy & Grandma. She admitted that having Syd attached to her 24/7 was getting a little old. She hasn’t been out without her, she misses her friends, she misses her freedom… The moment the words left her lips she was overwhelmed with guilt! Wished she could take the words back… I SO recognized that guilt. That’s the guilt I’m talking about. That’s the guilt they don’t tell you about. It’s OK, I tried to tell her. It’ll get better, I tried to tell her. And that is all true – those feelings will pass. But the one thing that won’t change is that she’ll always feel guilt about every decision she makes and every negative thought she has! Just part of the package, forever & ever.

All of these instincts & common expereiences are hard-wired for a reason, right? What’s the guilt about? Maybe that’s what makes us over-analyse all of our decisions. Maybe that’s why it’s there.

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