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Farewell Summer Friends!

Summer is nearing its end. I know you don’t want to hear that.. and I don’t want to type it, but its true. I know this is true due to the tsunami of back-to-school orders that have inundated Mabel’s Labels lately! It’s been absolutely outstandingly overwhelming and fabulous to see the orders pour in. You all love the new Ultimate Back-to-School Combo, and we’re glad!

I also know summer is ending because our summer staff are beginning to leave us! Each Spring we hire a crew of summer folks: teachers, students.. people looking for work in the summer! And each year it surprises me how attached we get to these people. They are always wonderful and they really do become a part of our Mabel Family. At the end of this week, they begin to leave us.. so sad! This blog post is a shout out to them: Thanks to all of you for your hard work, dedication, innovation and spirit. You will be missed by all of us!

Do I know names?

Because we see so many names through Mabel’s Labels, people often run their names past us wondering if it’s a good one, popular one, etc.

I don’t know about good, but I do know about popular! Here is a list of the most commonly ordered names so far this year. Keep in mind, many creative mommies take license with spelling – so there could be many more variations on these names that my quick count hasn’t caught!

In order of most popular to less:
































































































The Internet if FUN again!

I’ve discovered a great new tool that seems to have made the internet fun again! It’s called StumbleUpon and I love it. I spend so much time online for work that I really don’t ‘explore’ much (who has time anyway?). With Stumble, you just feed it topics you’re interested in and hit “stumble!”. It randomly lands on pages it thinks you might be interested in. And it’s usually right!

I find things I am interested in that I had forgotten I was interested in! Busy moms often don’t have time to participate in their own interests. Stumble makes the time for you. No more messy search engines for me! They certainly have their place when you’re looking for something specific, but if you’re just looking to see what’s out there and surf old-school, Stumble it!

Once I figure out how to make a stumble profile (no time for that!), I’ll post it here so you can see where I stumble.

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