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Mabel’s Labels On

Scott, Renee & Bailey Baio - Photo by: Roger Karnbad/Celebrity Photo

Scott, Renee & Bailey Baio - Photo by: Roger Karnbad/Celebrity Photo

Mabel’s Labels was mentioned on!

Mabel’s Labels took part in The Celebrity Baby Yard Sale charity event this past weekend in L.A. Scott and Renee Baio were selling celebrity baby hand-me downs and items from hip L.A baby boutiques to raise money for their Bailey Baio Foundation.

Check out for the full story and to find out how you can get your hands on some celebrity baby hand-me downs to support the foundation.

Overwhelming fit of Motherhood!

I used to think they were guilt pangs. I used to think it was stress. But yesterday I decided what happens is I am occasionally overcome with a fit of motherhood! It’s the deluxe combo including: hives, stress ulcer, hugging, crying, over-planning and strange looks from husband.

I’m talking about what happens to me when I get too buy and feel I’m starting to compromise my life-balance I claim to have. For the past 2 weekends, I’ve had Mabel related activities to attend to. My CMG (cuddly/crazy monkey girl) has spent more time in daycare than usual. Yesterday, I found out I need to pick up and head out of town again this weekend! CMG is going to spend anther Friday in daycare. I turned into a crazy person! Overcome with guilt, I broke out in hives. My mind raced with FUN things we could do to make up for this. I tried to convince my husband to take Friday off from work so she could have funday with her pops. I made plans to yank her out of daycare this afternoon for a FUN date of lunch, shopping and manicures (she’s 3, so I need to readjust this plan). I think my head was actually spinning around (my neck is killing me today!).

A friend needed to remind me that millions of kids go to daycare five days a week. My husband needed to remind me that she actually LOVES daycare. I need to remind myself that I am more present than a lot of Moms, when I can be. UGH.. It was an out-of-body experience. I have girlfriend plans next weekend, which isn’t helping. I can’t bail, so I think CMG might be coming cross-border shopping with the ‘girls from da ‘hood’ if I am still feeling this way.

ah.. working mothers. I’m sure my husband is wondering when the overwhelming fit of wifedome will hit.. or housework, or cooking.. . I can only freak out about one thing at a time!

When it rains, it pours!

In the fall, Mabel had a really wonderful string of beautiful things happen. Elisabeth Hasselbeck featured us on The View and we were named the Savvymom Mompreneurs of the Year! It was a wonderful time (cue music…)

It seems to be happening again! As you know, Mabel has been celebrating her 5th Birthday. It has been a huge time for us. Wonderful cards and emails have been pouring in from fans, friends, customers and strangers. Check out the amazing hand-made puppet sent to us by our dear friend Linda Leffler of Nova Scotia! Thank you Linda!! We LOVE her! “Flat Mabel” is going to start travelling with us. We’ll send you updates!

The wonderful things to happen include winning a Hamilton Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Business Achievement Award and a PTPA Media award! What a week!

The video below is Mabel getting some Canada AM love on Monday.

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