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Canada AM! Yippee!

We are flattered, thrilled, and beyond grateful that our loyal fans have voted into the top 3 spots of the Savvymom Mompreneur of the Year Award. Wow. We are really very thankful to all of you that took the time to vote. Over 400 companies were in the running!

As if this isn’t thrilling enough… the winner will be announced LIVE on Canada AM on Thursday October 25th, likely between 8am & 9am. For our American Friends, Canada AM is our national morning show, similar to Good Morning America/Today/CBS This Morning.

Very exciting! Seamus himself will be delivering the news LIVE. Tune in! Hopefully we will win :o )

Everyone needs labels!

Mabel has been super busy with the back-to-school rush, so I have fallen behind in sales analysis. I spent some time on it yesterday though, and found some exciting truths: everyone needs labels, our customers return year after year, and our Ultimate Back-to-School Combo is a resounding success!

The diversity in customers is wonderful. We’re seeing lots of orders for “Ms. Jin, Room 3″, for example (teachers ordering labels). Lots of Moms are ordering for their little first-timers, but we’re also seeing orders for college kids too! Let’s face it – people don’t stop losing stuff… their stuff just gets pricier as they get older! I am also super-excited to have spotted a few celebrity orders! I don’t want to invade their privacy here, but if I spot their labeled gear in People magazine, you’ll be the first to know! I’ll be watching!

My other favorite observation is how many people are return customers. I love the comments about how their sticky labels are 3 years old and still going strong! Thank you, loyal customers.
We really appreciate that Mabel has become a staple in your online shopping for yourselves, and for gifts.

Lastly – the UBTSC. WOW. Guess you love it. We can’t make ‘em fast enough! The seasonal combo is obviously popular, so we’ll definitely put our thinking caps on for more. This promotion has been huge. We think it exactly what you need to start the school year, but if you find you use certain labels faster than others, you know where to find us!

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