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Easter Santa?

Do kids get presents at Easter? My three year old needs a new bike this year..Her little red trike won’t fit her this year. But she’s getting to an age where she notices ‘buying’. It seems weird to just buy it.. but also weird for her to think the Easter Bunny brings big presents like that?? I’ve noticed some of my friends buying a LOT of stuff – including scooters, toys, bikes.. I’m all confused? I thought he just hid some chocolate? And if my EB only brings chocolate – and ‘kid down the street’s’ EB brings a bike… ?

The politics of it all! What do you do? She’s been ‘wishing’ to the EB “please, I wish you will bring me a chocolate egg”, and last night she asked if the EB lived with Santa in the North Pole!!


Mabel is a great name. It’s easy to spell, it’s uncommon – yet known. We love the name Mabel.
We received this note from a customer in the UK this week that is overflowing in MabelLove:

“Just have to tell you that when we were deciding what to call our little girl we looked all the names up on the web to see what came up and when we searched for Mabel yours was one of the first sites that came up. It was such a lovely site and had such cute pictures that we decided to call her Mabel and knew that when she went to preschool we would have to get her labels from you!”

Little Mabel in Portishead UK, a lovely package of Mabel’s Labels (that makes me smile) are on their way to you! Isn’t that just so cute?

WIN at Angela Kinsey’s Baby Shower!

Win at Pinks & Blues! You could win fabulous prizes, including Mabel’s Labels at the Pinks & Blues virtual baby shower. They are hosting this shower for Angela Kinsey of NBC’s The Office (she plays wickedly quirky Angela). You can win the fab products she will be receiving. Good Luck!

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