I’m So Pregnant: Update #9


I’m officially not feeling any of that “pregnancy glow” anymore. While I feel very lucky to have had an uncomplicated and healthy pregnancy, I am so ready to be able to bend over again! I’m definitely carrying this baby a lot different than when I was pregnant the first time. I’m finding it harder to move, harder to turn over at night, harder to get dressed/undressed, etc.

I did some organizing this weekend and cleared out a closet for the baby’s stuff. Next weekend I’m hoping to tackle going through all of my daughter’s old newborn clothes and get them washed, folded and put away for use again. Our house isn’t huge, so we’re still trying to figure out where everything is going to, who will be in what bedroom and how to address our space issues. One possible solution is having the two kiddies share a bedroom once the all-night nursing sessions seem to be winding down. Does anyone have experience with a baby and toddler sharing a bedroom? Does it work for you? I’d love to hear some opinions on that!


Weeks Along: 32! Yikes!

Current Symptoms: The restless legs in the evening is still a problem. I’m also just not sleeping as well. I’m big, it’s hard to turn over and I can’t seem to ever get comfortable.

Emotional Status: I’ll admit, I’ve probably been a bit more moody lately (mostly at my husband’s expense). As I slow down and get bigger, little annoyances seem a lot more serious.

Cravings: GRAPEFRUIT. I passed a massive box of containers of pre-cut grapefruit wedges at Costco last week and couldn’t leave without buying them. They made me start salivating and I was hardly back to the car before I had to tear open the box and have some. I have since finished the. entire. box. Once that was out, I went out to the grocery store and bought some more whole grapefruits. Also, the thirst is very real. Some evenings I just chug and chug water and can’t ever quench my thirst.

Body Changes: I freaked out last weekend when I got into a bathing suit to take my daughter swimming and thought I had just found my first-ever stretch mark on my belly. To my delight, it disappeared hours later and must have just been a scratch. Otherwise, I’m just growing and growing!


Catch up with me again in 2 weeks! In the meantime, you can follow along with my journey on Instagram (@erynjean)!

Eryn Chesney

Author: Eryn Chesney

Eryn Chesney is the Marketing Assistant at Mabel’s Labels and a former editor and writer for Style at Home and Canadian Gardening magazines. She is the mother of a busy toddler and a rambunctious dog and loves good food, great music and travelling.

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    1. That’s what I said! I just walked over to her and said that I have to politely call her the b-word. I looked like I had been mauled by a bear at 32 weeks.

  1. My two year old and four year old have shared a room for the last year and a half, they love it!!! Some nights are a challenge to get them to settle, but most nights they are quiet and sleeping shortly after being tucked in! When my youngest moved from the crib to bottom bunk we never took down the crib…they are both excited to have the baby move in with them when I’m ready to have him leave our room! If your thinking of putting your two together my advice would be to set up the sleep space now before the baby arrives, to let your toddler get used to the idea! Good luck 🙂

  2. Great advice, Susan!! I was sort of thinking of leaving the crib in there with the toddler bed. That’s awesome to hear! 🙂

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