I'm So Pregnant: Update #8


Well, I'm back after a very much-needed holiday and I'm feeling good! It was so nice to really slow down for 2 weeks and enjoy some quality time with my daughter before I have to divide my attention between two kids. There was no rush out the door in the morning, no schedules that we had to abide by. We were just able to play, talk and enjoy each other's company in a way we so rarely get to do anymore.

And as an added bonus, I made a last-minute decision to try potty training her while we were home and IT WORKED! Not only did it work, the girl got it in 2 days and hasn't had an accident since! So turns out we get to be diaper free for a couple of months before starting all over again - awesome!


Weeks Along: 30. Closing in on the home stretch now!

Current Symptoms: I'm still dealing with restless legs at night when I lay down. Also a little heartburn here and there, but nothing too serious.

Emotional Status: I'd say I'm fairly happy and level-headed these days. I'm definitely nesting, so I've had lots of demands for my husband around the house. He (usually) knows better than to question them!

Cravings: Twizzlers licorice - I saw it in a video and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since!

Body Changes: Just a growing belly! My weight gain has started to be more significant with each visit to my midwife but I've only gained about 20 pounds so far, so I'm not concerned. During my last pregnancy I had a really dark linea nigra by this point, but there's no sign of it this time - interesting!


Until next time! And remember to follow me on Instagram (@ErynJean) if you want to keep up with my journey a little more closely.

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Eryn Chesney is the Marketing Assistant at Mabel's Labels and a former editor and writer for Style at Home and Canadian Gardening magazines. She is the mother of a busy toddler and a rambunctious dog and loves good food, great music and travelling.

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