Planning a Halloween Party

If there's one holiday that's extra fun to celebrate with your kids, it's Halloween. The costumes, the yummy treats, the spooky decorations - the whole thing is geared to be enjoyable for the whole family, no matter what the age.

And while using your own creativity in planning a Halloween party is most of the fun, we've got a few tips on how you can really elevate your bash and make it one that your kids talk about long after the decorative spider webs and goblins have been put away for another year.


Incorporate a Game

Pin the Spider on the Web, Mini Pumpkin Toss or Wrap the Mummy: Whatever you choose, a game is a great way to break the ice and get the little ones excited. Put together a little goody bag for the winner and prepare yourself for lots of laughs.


Offer Spooky Snacks

The Internet is full of easy recipe ideas for Halloween-themed snacks and treats. Kids will inevitably get hungry and having some funny themed appetizers will not only delight guests but will also keep everyone from crashing and melting down. We think the spookier, the better: Jello Brains, Hotdog "Fingers", you get the idea!


Send Kids Home With a Gift

Nothing makes kids happier than a loot bag at the end of a party! Since kids already will get more candy than they need during this season, send them home with Mabel's Labels personalized Halloween Party Label Packs. Kids will love the cute Halloween icons and their parents will love the useful gift!




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