Go From To Do, To Done!

As a paper planner kind of girl I love making to do lists and checking the items off as they get done. I love being able to see the big picture at a glance and know what needs to be done next. Sometimes though the big picture can be a bit overwhelming. Here is an easy way to tame the big items and make them more manageable....

1. Keep a master list of to do’s. This is where a brain dump will help you get all those thoughts out in the open.

2. Break it down. Each day decide what tasks must get done and write three or four on a small list in your planner. Start looking at the bite size pieces instead of the list as a whole!

3. Check it off. Once you complete a task check off what was completed. Try using a highlighter so you can easily look back at what things you have accomplished. Seeing those to do’s get marked off is motivation to keep tackling that list!

Are you a paper planner and to do list maker or do you keep tracks of tasks in a techie kind of way?

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