Containers ~ The Last Step

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My most recent client looked over her project proposal and had one question. She said “Your proposal says what you will organize but HOW are you going to do it…WHEN do we buy the containers?”

She was more than ready to go on a shopping trip but the talk of purging made her stop in her tracks. I simply told her we will sort, purge and organize everything first. We have to determine what size containers we would need IF they are necessary at all.

I worked in another home where half the garage ended up being empty containers form previous attempts at organizing. Usually we try to fit all of our stuff in a box and call it done. Or we want a certain color scheme and that trumps the importance of figuring out our organizing style.

Usually a container means out of site out of mind. Very rarely will I organize a pantry with containers due to the fact that you need to easily be able to “shop” what is inside and that is hard to do when every thing is too neat and hidden.

So the next time, you are ready to start an organizing project don’t head for the container isle first. Sort, purge, organize, THEN contain.


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