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We’re looking for fresh voices for our fresh, new Mabelhood blog! Think you have a unique perspective and knack for writing? Read on – because we’d love for you to join the ‘hood.

What we’re looking for:

Are you a foodie? Or do you have an eye for home organization? Or do you tell stories of undying love that are laced with the uncertainty of being a parent? We’re looking for all that. And we’re looking for Dad bloggers, for DIY crafty parent bloggers, for parents with a unique perspective. Basically, we’re looking for really great bloggers with really great stuff to blog about.

Whether you have an expert opinion on a parenting issue, a fantastic recipe or a story about the stage of life you and your kids are in – we want to hear your personal touch on it. We love tips and crafts and organization and fun. But most of all – we love story-telling. Think about what you would like to read as a parent. Write about that! Write what you know. Just be real and honest and make it relatable.

We’re offering a one year contract with a minimum of 2 posts from you per month.

Interested? Here’s what you need to do:

Send an email to by no later than October 31, 2015 with the answers to these questions:

Tell us about yourself.

Why do you want to blog for the Mabelhood?

What topic would you like to blog about?

Give us a sample post. About anything you want. Just be sure to impress us.

If you already have a blog, provide us with 2-3 links to your best posts.

So… get to writing! We can’t wait to hear from you!

The contest runs from October 1, 2015 until October 31, 2015. Submissions are due by no later than October 31, 2015. All submissions will be judged by a panel led by Julie Cole.

*Winners will be offered a one year contract. 2 posts per month are required to be written. Winners will be paid $50 per post. You must be 18 years of age to enter. Winners will be selected and contacted on November 16, 2015. Contract will begin on January 2, 2016 and is valid for one year.

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  1. Tell us about yourself.
    from my bio on
    Lori is a single mom of an adventurous 8 year old boy named, Ames. They live in Colorado where they love to ski, hike, cycle or do anything adventurous in the outdoors.

    Lori grew up as an Air Force Brat which meant moving 8 times before heading off to college. Their moves included two tours overseas in England and Germany. Her mother was the Officer’s Wives Club tour chairman in Germany and Lori often got to join her on trips to various parts of Europe. It was while living in Germany Lori learned to ski as a member of the Sitzmarkers ski club. Just about once a month for four years Lori got to ski in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France. She joined her father at Swiss Ski School one year.

    Lori’s passion for travel never left her. Her main career has been in advertising as an award-winning copywriter where she’s worked at top global ad agencies in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. (You can view her advertising portfolio here.) It was while working on a tourism account (Park City) that she decided to pursue more travel writing. She’s a graduate of Book Passages Travel Writing and Photographer’s Workshop.

    Her travel writing is published in The Los Angeles Times, The Dallas Morning News, Shape, Women’s Health & Fitness, and her story, “Scared Shitless on Safari” was Editor’s choice in the award-winning/ Best Seller, Traveler’s Tales’ anthology Sand in My Bra & Other Misadventures: Funny Women Write from the Road.

    In the parenting writing arena, Lori is published in Dallas Child, Dallas Baby and Thrive magazines as well as Her estate-planning piece, “Where there’s a Will there’s a Way” won the gold award for best feature in Parenting Publications of America.

    Globetrottermom is dedicated to parents who want to get out and explore more with their kids. You’ll find destination pieces, lodging and restaurant reviews, gear reviews and tips on getting the most out of your travels with kiddos in tow.
    Why do you want to blog for the Mabelhood?
    I’ve been a huge fan of mabels labels since my son (now 9) was 18 mos old and kicked off one of his (new) expensive tennis shoes in IKEA (unbeknownst to me until I got to the car). I never got it back. I searched high and low for labels then and discovered Mables Labels. I put them on everything from glasses to ski poles to shin guards.

    What topic would you like to blog about?
    A way to grow your blog following would be to make it more engaging. It would be fun to have a series where people write in to share their stories of reclaimed personal belongings thanks to mabels labels. I could write the story and include quotes by the people who write in or edit the story and sprinkle in an intro, ending, headline, subheads. It could be called LOST n FOUND. Travel is another arena I think is missing from the blog. That’s an area of expertise for me as you can see from my blog. It ties in nicely with the brand too as when you travel, it’s easy to lose stuff. Travel tips for parents/kids make for great blog content. How about engaging with readers by getting parents to share stories/photos on how mabels labels made their life/school/team easier. A Lost and Found makeover once mabels labels were introduced as mandatory school supplies list. A Before and After of the Lost and Found. (I could do that one!) Particularly at schools that require uniforms, the lost n found area is a mass of navy and gold at our school. It’s mainly outwear, accessories and lunch box/water bottle items.
    I have lots of other ideas as well.

    Give us a sample post. About anything you want. Just be sure to impress us.
    Please see
    If you already have a blog, provide us with 2-3 links to your best posts.

    Thanks for your consideration!

  2. I am a mother of three kids, each five years apart so the amount of, what I call “parent code-switching”, is insurmountable. I have to juggle between a freshman in high school, a fourth grader and a preschooler. My days are never dull or boring but rather frantic and cause immense amounts of yoga breathing, wine drinking, and kick-boxing!

    I have been wanting to start blogging for months. Not to make a name for myself but to help get my thoughts down on paper and see if I could potentially offer a source of comedic relief for another struggling mom or dad. I speak towards comedy because at times all I can do is laugh. Laugh at the beauty in my kids’ actions, even if it is hurdling brussel sprouts across the room, laugh at the bouncing back mom, that would be me, from room to room helping with homework, cooking dinner or cleaning marker off the wall, and laugh at my own foibles and inability to cope at times.

    Not only do I like to brag/complain about my life, but I am an anthropologist that focuses on parenting and the socio-cultural aspects of diverse parenting styles around the world or in different urban settings. I am also a filmmaker that likes to find meaning in our surrounding city and make short videos on what is important. So I would like to explore these ideas in some of my posts. Compare and contrast between culture in a way that will expose these differences to Mabelhood readers in a fun and creative way.

    Currently I work full-time as a marketing manager for a small Taiwanese company, not an easy task. I am working on an ethnographic film with a few anthropologists on the Cannabis Tours in Denver, Colorado, should make for some good writing. I am also going to start teaching a course at the local junior college soon. What do newly graduated high schoolers think of? I can’t wait to find out.

    All this being said, I am hoping that Mabelhood can become the platform where my voice can be heard. Where these experiences can come to life and offer unique perspectives to its’ readers. Please see below for some guest posts I made on various book reviews I have done.

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