Bone Building Cheat Sheet

Pregnant moms need to think about maintaining their own bone density as well as building a baby’s. A child’s bones are building until they are about 21-years-old and from that point on, you are hoping to maintain them. So what can you do to build healthy bones and keep them strong?

Well, bones are not static – minerals move in and out of them all the time, so you want to keep your intake of necessary nutrients high.

Necessary Nutrients & Foods for Building Healthy Bones:


1000 to 1200 mg per day

A day’s worth of food sources for adequate calcium:

1 cup yogurt, 1 cup skim milk, ½ cup rhubarb, 2 cups cooked greens, 1 cup beans, 4 ounces salmon



400 mg per day

1 oz almonds, ½ cup cooked spinach, 2 shredded wheat biscuits, 2 tablespoons natural peanut butter, 8 ounces of yogurt, ½ cup oatmeal, 1 whole avocado and 4 ounces of fish.


Vitamin D

600-1000 iu

The best kind of Vitamin D comes from your skin’s reaction to the sun but that won’t work if you are wearing sunscreen and/or during the winter months. A supplement is your best bet – and just one drop gives you all you need. Food sources can’t quite make up enough but they include: fatty fish, caviar, mushrooms and fortified dairy products.


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Theresa Albert Theresa Albert

Theresa Albert is a Food Communications Specialist and Toronto Personal Nutritionist. She is @theresaalbert on twitter and found daily at

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Author: Theresa Albert

Theresa Albert is an on-camera food and health expert, nutritionist and writer who loves to spread the word on food. She is a Food Communications Specialist and Toronto Personal Nutritionist. Tweet with her at @theresaalbert & find her daily at

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