Baking Prep Means Less Stress

The kids and I love making brownies together. What's even better though is eating them together!  I wish I could say that having the kids helping me bake is always a joyous occasion in our house but usually it stresses us all out. I am not the regular cook of the house, hubby is, and he is just awesome at multitasking while cooking! The kids are usually right under foot as he cooks and everything magically comes out tasting exactly as it should. I on the other hand can get easily distracted and forget which ingredient goes next. I usually line everything up and measure it all out as I go but inevitably it happens…. something is forgotten when a child starts arguing over whose turn is next to pour what.

I finally found what works for me!  This time before the kids came in the kitchen I got all the ingredients out and measured them in individual bowls. And here I thought this stuff was just for TV and making pretty pictures! Then I had the kids come over and gave them each what they could pour in, no fuss no muss and everyone gets to lick the bowl at the end!

It's really common sense but I think I avoided it before because I didn't want to dirty the extra dishes. In reality it was just a few extra bowls but we all were much happier during the process! Well worth it!

Are there ways you can simplify in order to cut out stress?

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