Avoid Resolution Run-Down

A new year usually brings on the notion of new resolutions. A simple definition of resolution is: “A decision to do something or to behave in a certain manner.” I think looking at the big picture of a resolution can be a bit of a daunting task.

To say “I am going to organize my whole house this year!” and wake up on January 1st with the idea that you are going to make huge changes right away can lead to a feeling of discouragement if you don’t see some real changes soon.

We all naturally like making lists of things to do and checking them off to get that sense of accomplishment. So this year instead of saying you’re Going To Get Your Entire House Organized, sit down and make a list of each room in your house. Then break it down even further. List each area in that room and what you want to see accomplished. Next, set a weekly goal of tackling each area until you are finished. Here is an example of what your list may look like:

  • Living room
  1. Find hidden storage for toys.
  2. Need storage for DVDs, get rid of cases.
  • Dining Room
  1. Go through china cabinet and see if there is anything you want to part with.
  2. Store linens properly.
  • Kitchen
  1. Dump the junk drawer.
  2. Create vertical storage for cookie sheets and cutting boards.
  3. Get basket for potatoes.

Remember to break down your organizing list into small, accomplishable tasks to avoid resolution run-down. It might be a long list but it will be empowering watching items get checked off as you go. Add a couple of fun ‘to-dos’ on the list too, like a manicure or movie to reward yourself for a job well done.

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  2. I went to a seminar on goal setting once, where they recommended using Locke’s SMART Goal Setting Theory; Goals should be:
    Attainable (I’ve also seen this as Agreed upon),
    Relevant (I’ve also seen this stand for Realistic), and

    I’ve also seen it as SMARTER, where the E and R stand for Exciting and Recorded.

    I’ve also seen DUMB goals, meaning:
    Manageable, and

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