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Getting Kids to Help in the Kitchen: An Age-Appropriate Chart

Having your kids contribute to the family meal is beneficial for everyone. And the earlier they get involved, the better. Not only does it help take the pressure off the cook in the house, but it also helps kids learn some much-needed skills and build self-esteem. Meals are not only sustenance; they are also math […]

Easy, Delicious Breakfast Popsicle Recipe

For a speedy, delicious way to make breakfast fun, try these breakfast popsicles. They’re healthy and fun – and can help mornings run smoothly when you’re in time crunch. You don’t need to have traditional popsicle molds for these breakfast lifesavers. Tiny paper cups on a cookie sheet will do. Consider using a plastic spoon as […]

One Pot Meals: Greek Chicken Recipe

Whether it’s for a holiday or a weeknight meal, one pot meals are where it’s at and using whole grain rice as a foundation makes sure there is nutrient density in every spoon. Rice is a practical grain that goes with everything and is a healthier option than many other starches. In my day, nutrition-robbed […]

Bake a Cake, Cook Chicken or Make Yogurt – All with This One Device

Photo via I have been offered all kinds of whack for my kitchen, but, given that it’s small and I am a not a fan of countertop doodads, I’m very selective. Which is why I had to be talked into trying out the new-to-the-market Philips multi cooker. I’m VERY glad that I did test […]

A Tasty Fish Dish the Kids Will Eat

Here’s one great way to get your kids to eat fish: hide it in a taco. Fish tacos are everywhere these days. Every menu sports one to varying degrees of success. I even saw a version in the freezer section last week – they were called “tacquitos” and were rolled burrito style. It was right […]

How to Recycle, Reduce & Reuse Your Coffee Pod Waste

Home pod brewers have taken over the universe and the landfills.  Green Mountain company, the K-cup makers, are bringing back the “My K-cup” option which allows brewing of any ground coffee in their machines.  This may or may not have anything to do with customers having “passion” for brewing their preferred bagged coffee as their […]

4 Ways to Get More Fruit (And More Nutrients) into Your Diet

Picky eaters in your family? Try slipping fruit into each meal. It can increase the nutrient content without the hassle or pushback of veggies. The key difference between fruits and vegetables is the sugar content and therefore the calorie content. If you have the treats, cakes, cookies and ice creams under control, then you won’t […]