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20 Healthy School Lunch Ideas

My favourite discovery at back-to-school time last September was the Yumbox lunch box. For my two kindergarten gals, eating like this is easy and fun. Their little hands don’t have to struggle with any container lids and they’re able to graze on a balanced meal each day. The best part for me is that lunch-making somehow seems way less […]

13 Birthday Gifts the 13 Year Old in Me Still Wishes For

via paramount My teen years were complex. On the one hand, I was struggling with big emotions, navigating friendships and understanding my new and strange hormones. On the other hand, I had the pure unadulterated awesomeness of doc martens, overalls and 90210 to make me happy. You just can’t beat being 13 in the early […]

On Motherhood & Storytelling

The tiny little details of childbirth are forever etched into my memory. Each year, on my children’s birthdays, I hear myself sounding like my mother. “6 years ago today, at this time, I was about to go into labor.” “You came into the world at 5:56pm.” “I remember it like it was yesterday.” I used […]

What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About My Newborn

One chilly February morning, when I was 37 and a half weeks pregnant, I sneezed. What accompanied that sneeze was the unpleasant experience of something wet gushing down my inner leg and onto the floor. Surprisingly enough, it was not pee. (Hurray for my pelvic floor!) Instead, my water had broken and my journey into […]