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Mandatory Volunteer Hours

Guest post by Karen Pearson             In 1999, when a mandatory community service program was introduced into the high school curriculum, my heart sank a bit. All students would need to complete 40 hours of public service in order to graduate. That’s a good thing though, right? Why wouldn’t I […]

Avoiding Bedtime Battles

Guest post by Alanna McGinn, Sleep Consultant and founder of Good Night Sleep Site. Are there bedtime battles around your house? Practicing a consistent bedtime routine with your toddler can be key in making the fights disappear and transitioning your little one to a seamless slumber. It helps them to feel more comfortable in knowing what’s […]

My Plugged-In Family

I have a serious love/hate relationship with technology in our home. It started with Nintendo Wii. The big sell was that we’d be active, play together and have fun belting out tunes with Rock Band.  It was the gateway to Play Station 2, then X-Box, then Netflix and binge watching, not to mention computers, cell […]

Best tools for parent-to-kid communication.

Guest post by founder, Annie Shultz.   Tae Kwon Do, dance, music, friends, volunteering and jobs – there are always at least a million things pulling your attention at one time. Of course, being organized increases productivity and decreases errant mistakes. But the big question is – what are the best tools to keep organized […]

…and THAT’S how we met.

Guest post by Karen Pearson Our family watches a LOT of movies. If it’s the weekend, it’s a safe bet that you’ll find us at a movie theatre. We have an Oscar party every year, fill out ballots and have movie-themed snacks based on the best picture nominees. For example, this year’s menu may include […]

Tips for Travelling with Kids from Globetrotting Mama, Heather Greenwood Davis

Family Travel is one of those rare things that can both fill a parent’s heart with excitement and dread at the same time. You’re about to have an incredible trip away from work and the stresses at home but you’ve somehow got to survive getting there with kids in tow. Insert shiver. The truth is […]