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Talking to children about Autism + CONTEST

Our son, Carter, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2010. A year after his diagnosis, he was attending preschool. Naturally curious, his classmates started asking questions about his behaviours. Autism Awareness month was near, so I used their interest as an opportunity to educate about the disorder. I wrote a poem. I explained the […]

Spring Cleaning?

I love the idea of spring cleaning and getting organized, I really do. There’s something about a fresh start that I’m crazy about. I can’t decide whether I like January or September more for getting back on track with new routines, so I just consider both months “clean slate months”.  Spring is another perfect time […]

5 Natural Cold Remedies Found in Your Kitchen

Think coughs and colds only arise in the winter? Now that it’s spring, they seem to be popping up again. With the arrival of spring, we’d like to think that we’re free and clear of all illnesses, when in fact this is when lots of people get sick. Here are some simple, natural cold remedies […]

Heart, Flowers and Twinkies.

By Lisa Van Meeteren A one word definition of Valentine’s Day would probably be love. But I can honestly say my one word definition of the day hasn’t always included that word. Read on to see if you relate! Childhood Valentine’s definition: popularity. Valentine’s Day in my childhood taught me that people showed they liked […]

Why your kids should curl

Guest Post by: Simon Barrick “You curl? That’s neat, my grandpa used to curl.” I cannot begin to tell you how many times people have responded with this line when they discovered that I curl. But let’s face it; the curling stereotype involves images of elderly men in knitted sweaters, donning funny headgear (tams), with a […]

What’s the big deal about New Year’s?

New Year’s is a lot of pressure. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against the holiday it’s just that the expectations that come with it are crazy. Take New Year’s Eve- I don’t know about you but in the past I’ve ran around like a maniac searching for the perfect dress, (the one that […]