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Tips From a Camp Director: How to Prepare Your Child for Summer Camp With April here, we’re now only three months away from my favourite time of year: summer camp season! As Assistant Camp Director at Camp Muskoka, I get to enjoy everything camp has to offer as an adult. I attended summer camps as a child and when I became too old to be a camper, I […]

10 Quick Home Projects Kids Can Help With

With spring break quickly approaching, it’s good to have a plan and some structured fun for your kids. One way to do this is to create some home improvement projects for your kids to help you with during their time off from school. They will love doing something unique, and you will have some helpers […]

What I Learned From My Postpartum Anxiety

When it comes to parenting, there is so much information. So much to take in. So much to prepare for. Having a baby is one of the most amazing events a human can experience. But, no matter how hard we try, knowing everything and doing everything before that tiny being is born is impossible. After […]

The Best Bedroom Colour for Your Child’s Personality

Via Modernize When parents first bring their newborns home, the nursery is almost always yellow, blue, or pink. But as these babies outgrow their cribs, they develop into kids with their own personalities and tastes. And since a kid’s bedroom is their haven from the busy household, it’s important to let them grow with their […]