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4 Tricks for a Healthier Halloween

You know that feeling. When your kids walk in the door with a pumpkin or pillow case full of Halloween candy. CRINGE. There’s enough unhealthy treats in there to make any parent shudder. As a Certified Nutritionist, I know the importance of focusing on nutrient-dense foods for our little ones; for optimal health, cognitive abilities, […]

4 Protein-Packed Treats and Sweets for Picky Eaters

If you’re a parent panicking over your little one’s protein intake, raise your hand. [My hand is raised]. You see, my eldest daughter (3.5 years old at the time of this post) is quite small.  VERY petite.   She is hanging out at the 3rd percentile, meaning that virtually every child is bigger/taller than her. That’s […]

5 Odd Places You’ll Find Lego When You Have Kids

To say my boys love Lego would be a giant understatement. Our house is filled Lego trucks, cars, treehouses, superheroes, outhouses (oh yes!), Batcaves, castles, robots, snowmobiles… did I miss anything? Oh – and the Lego Mystery Machine complete with Shaggy, Scooby and Fred. It’s awesome, right? But as hard as I try to keep […]

He Still Fits

He still fits in my lap. His gangly legs draped over my knees, his head resting under my chin. His sandy hair nestled softly on my neck. He still fits in my lap. Telling me stories about his day, about his friends, about what brings him joy and sadness, Asking me questions about the world […]

The Oldest Mom on the Block

Last week, one of my mommy group friends celebrated her birthday.  Her Facebook page overflowed with greetings from her family and friends.  When I scrolled through her page and all the lovely comments, something stopped me in my tracks…She was celebrating her 33rd birthday. Everyone wished her a happy 33rd birthday. Something about seeing that […]

Why I Let My Daughter Try To Eat A Rock

My parents raised me to experiment with my world, which explains why, before I turned 13, I’d colored my jeans orange, lit a rocket indoors and played The Science Game with a fork that had been heating on a burner for roughly half an hour. Result? Insta-blisters. Other result? Learning that fire makes everything … […]