8 Fun and Easy DIY Projects to Tackle This Weekend

Summer is going by fast, but there’s still time to sneak in a few quick and summery DIY projects to spruce up your home. These eight ideas use items you may already have on hand — like a bit of extra paint, unused yarn and found glass bottles — to create little moments of beauty all around the house.



2. Beachy mantel makeover. Keep an eye out at yard sales, rummage sales and on the beach for bottles in sea-inspired colors and interesting shapes. Once you have a collection, line them up on your mantel. Fill a few with sprigs of greenery snipped from the garden, and leave others empty to reflect the light.

Tip: Transform clear bottles into a colorful display by swirling craft paint inside them after they’ve been cleaned and dried. Pour out the excess and let dry — the paint color will show through the glass.

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5. Color-themed photo collection. If you’re looking for a project to get your creative juices flowing, consider embarking on a color-themed photography project. Be on the lookout for objects of a certain color and snap away. Once you have four or more that you’re happy with, print them out and put them on display.

Tip: Want to speed things along? Instead of taking new photos, look through your backlog of digital photos, earmarking ones that feature the color of your choice. Print, hang and, voilà, you’re done!


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