7 Things to Do With 7 Kid-Free Days


So you’ve got a kid going to camp for a week (or more!!)

As glorious as it sounds to have seven days free of the responsibility of raising kids, it can also be a lot of time to fill. After you’ve gotten ahead of the game at work, eaten several meals uninterrupted and enjoyed a lot of hot coffee – you may find yourself thinking, ‘What now?’

If the house is a bit too quiet and empty for your taste – here are a few great things to do to take advantage of your kid-free life:

1. Date Night! Go out for dinner and actually dine for hours. See a movie. Check out a show or take advantage of what your city has to offer. Stay up late (weeee!) The world is your oyster! This is a great to reconnect with your partner. Enjoy it as often as you can.

2. Meet a friend for dinner. Spending an evening catching up with a friend over good food and a glass of wine is a pretty fantastic way to spend a few hours. And since you don’t need a babysitter for 7 days – why not find a whole bunch of friends to meet up with?

3. Hit the spa. If the spa life is your thing – go once, twice or even more! Massage. Facial. Mani. Pedi. Mmm…. so lovely.

4. Read the newspaper daily. Slow mornings with hot coffee and a chance to pour over the news uninterrupted? Yes please!

5. Catch up on recorded shows. Remember that long list of shows you’ve been meaning to watch? (Hello, last season of Downton Abbey). Spend some time on the couch catching up. Now is the time to binge-watch!

6. Plan your next trip. Anything that requires a lot of focus and research is a good thing to tackle now while the house is quiet. Plus thinking about your next family trip could be a fun way to feel more connected to your kid while they’re gone.

7. Organize family photos. Some of us have a huge compilation of photos of our kids from the time they were born that have done nothing but sit in a file on our computers. If you’ve been meaning to organize all those holidays and family vacations and birthdays into perfect little albums – now is the time!

Before you know it, those 7 days will fly by. What else would you add to the list? Any more ideas for us to enjoy?


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