Spring Happenings!

It has been a long, harsh winter in these parts. Although, there are a few signs that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Here’s how I know that spring is near or almost here:

1) Spring Fling
We welcome spring with our annual Irish Dancing performances. My kids don’t do competitive dancing and have no dreams of making it to the World Championships in Dublin. They don’t wear wigs or tan their legs. I put their hair in rags to get curls and off they go to tour countless Seniors Homes to help our elderly community celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The best part? After they dance, the children chat with the residents. Even the shy children are encouraged to give it a try. They learn so much from speaking with the elderly, who are so delighted to have a close look at the beautiful costumes and happy young faces.


2) Spring Sap
The tapping of the trees. We are lucky enough to have a ravine full of trees in our backyard. Daddy-o and the children go off and tap the trees, collect the sap, boil it down, leaving us with the most delicious maple syrup. I now have a houseful of syrup snobs who now turn their noses up at the store bought stuff.

3) Spring has sprung – literally.
This year we are adding something special to our yard. Over the years, we have gone through, destroyed and bounced to death SEVERAL trampolines. I have been on a hunt for one that is big enough, strong enough and bouncy enough to deal with my six children, and the countless friends and neighbourhood kids who put it to the test. My search ended with the Jumbo Square Springfree trampoline. The more research I did, the more I realized that if I had bought this one originally, I would have saved myself from buying, setting up and destroying the four other trampolines we’ve ripped through.

Has spring arrived where you are? What cheery spring happenings are going on in your family?


About the Author:

Julie Cole Mabel's Labels

Julie Cole

Julie Cole is co-founder of Mabel’s Labels Inc., the leading provider of kids’ labels, and a proud mom of six.

Why Moms need more credit.

A while back, the parenting world was bombarded by a movement that poked fun at Dads everywhere. Commercials, jokes, ads, blogs, etc. Everyone was talking about what a “doofus” the bumbling, well-meaning but clueless Dad was.

Then there was a movement against it. The truth came to light. Dads are involved now. They’re hands-on. They do everything and are good at it, too. Dads go above and beyond these days. And while this is so very true… It’s also not true.

I agree whole-heartedly that you are wonderful, Dads. You really, truly are.

But where’s Mom’s credit?

Here’s what I mean. When my husband rolls around on the floor with our kids, takes them to skating or ballet lessons, gets up early with them and puts them to bed (all things he does very, very well) – he’s an awesome, amazing, hands-on Dad. (And he is).

But when I do these things, I’m just a Mom. I’m doing what I’m supposed to.

When I’m making lunches, taking them to doctor and dentist appointments, keeping track of show & share days and school slips and birthday parties, taking them to get new shoes, making sure they have Valentine’s Day cards, or a green outfit for St. Paddy’s Day – I’m being a Mom. It’s normal for me to get up with them in the night, start my day at 6am and never stop until they’re fast asleep, play on the floor, wipe bums, colour, do their laundry, make up games, get them lunch and dinner and water and more cheese.

And please don’t get me wrong – I love to do this. I really do. (As long as I can have my morning coffee first). My husband does his fair share. But sometimes there’s a difference in how this is perceived. To some, my husband is seen as going above and beyond. To some, I’m just doing my job.

Do we really have to wait until our kids are adults to be truly, truly appreciated? To have someone tell us we’re doing a great job? Maybe I’m just tired and run down (darn cold) and feeling sensitive. But I think it would be nice to hear someone tell my husband “Wow, she’s really an involved, hands-on Mom, isn’t she? And she changes diapers, too!?”

Again, I think my husband is amazing. He really is a great Dad and I love the kind of father my daughters have. They’re incredibly lucky. Dads are so important and there’s no denying their involvement. It’s pretty much the norm for my generation to see Dad’s as engaged in almost everything when it comes to kids.

It just wouldn’t hurt to hear Moms get some love, too.

About the Author:

Heather Dixon is a copywriter at Mabel’s Labels, a smoothie aficionado, a runner and a Mom to three highly advanced little girls (according to her husband and her).

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